Why I support John Nani

By Annabel Ogheneganre,

The Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is a place of power where senior Lawmakers in Nigeria meet to take decisions on how the Nigeria government should be administered. It is the highest policy and law making organ of the federal government.

Without the seal of approval of the Nigerian senate, the president is not empowered to appropriate the commonwealth. It is not a gathering for kids and the Nigerian senator commands tremendous respect at least all over Nigeria. It is a thing of pride to be referred to as a senator in Nigeria.

Therefore considering the crave for attention, power and recognition amongst average Nigerians, it was almost becoming embarrassing that for several months, nobody was showing interest in running for the Delta Central seat in the Nigerian Senate whereas, aspirants numbering 7, 10 or even more are jostling for party tickets for seats in the Delta State House of Assembly.

It was therefore a breath-taking development for Chief John Nani to rise to the occasion to declare his preparedness to run for senate on the PDP platform. It was almost as if there was an unwritten path for the seat to be left for Chief Ighoyota Amori, who though, was a National Officer of the PDP was widely believed to be interested in running for senate in the coming polls. In no time, we got winds of Nani’s declaration to be followed by Chief Amori in Mossogar. But for Nani’s courageous move to run for senate, perhaps, Chief Amori would have run unchallenged for the PDP ticket. One was therefore wondering whether it was the intimidating and towering performance records of the incumbent Senator Ovie Omo-Agege that almost drove the PDP underground before the coming of John Nani. For this and some other reasons, I think Chief John Nani should be considered by the PDP delegates.

Every good and noble office must be subjected to keen contest to bring out the best and reinforce the importance of the office. When men were men, the position of senate could bring out up to seven aspirants jostling for the PDP ticket. In the 2019 elections, it was almost reduced to a contest between Evelyn Oboro and Ighoyota Amori. The financial capacity of many political figures in the state has been so decapitated that to dare such a challenge was almost unthinkable to our men. It took Evelyn Oboro to charge the political atmosphere before she was betrayed during the general elections.

In the build up to the 2023 general elections, only Chief John Nani and Ighoyota Amori could summon the courage to face the challenge of campaigning round the 8 local government areas of Delta Central for the senate seat. Where are the men in Delta Central? Have they all be reduced to local champions so much so that they cannot raise up their heads to dare?

While about 13 persons indicated interest in running for governor, just the duo of Nani and Amori are in the race for senate. This is totally reprehensible. This only signpost the state of political under-development in Delta Central. Our people must wake up from their slumber and make the contest the interesting game it used to be.

For daring to brave the challenge where many of our men have wet their pants in dread of the unknown, John Nani deserves the support of the people. He will be a good candidate because he is very organized and will pursue issues of Urhobo interest fully and diligently. He is very compassionate in what he puts his mind to and will work hard to get works done. The Aghwemutuwevwi sobriquet for which he is famous is an indication that he will bring home democratic laurels for the benefit of the people. Nani is not the greedy type.

From the little I glean about him so far, he will certainly work for the people and bring home the good things of Abuja.

Sending Nani to the senate will mean sending a kind-hearted and caring personality to the senate not some bossy element with overbearing character. 2023 will be a revolution of sort.

Those whose sins are legion in the public domain will not get the support of the people. The people are clamouring for a clean break from the old chip and gang of political sadists who has feasted for too long on the hapless masses. The people want a change, visible change and Nani will represent that change.

Recycling old faces who have consistently occupied the public space and resonate evil in public consciousness does not represent progress. I will support John Nani again and again!

Annabel Ogheneganre writes from Garki, Abuja. (Send reactions via email to ananabel4christ@hotmail.com)

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