Waive Gives One Year Stewardship Account As MHR

Member Representing Ughelli North, South and Udu Federal constituency at the House of Representatives, Rev Francis Ejiroghene Waive has given his stewardship account after being sworn in a year ago.

In his account, the clergyman cum politician applauds the good people of his constituency and the Deputy Senate President, H. E Ovie Omo-Agege has for the role played during the election that brought him this far.

According to Waive, the road has been tough and rough as court cases after his election and swearing in has been on and on.

His Address of stewardship:


Honourable member representing the entire people of Ughelli North, Ughelli South and Udu Federal Constituency
House of Representatives
11th June 2020

I must begin this address by thanking the entire people of Ughelli North, Ughelli South and Udu Local Government Areas that make up the Federal Constituency for the confidence reposed in me by voting me to represent us all at the House of Representatives in Abuja. This indeed is a big honour that I treasure. In all I do and say I am conscious of the fact that I must give quality and effective representation to you my people the good people of Ughelli North Ughelli South Udu Federal Constituency. Time and tide they say wait for no one, today makes it exactly one year that I was sworn into office in Abuja and I thought I must give you all an account of my one-year stewardship. Above all, my thanks go to the Almighty God who always makes me triumph both at the polls, law courts and everywhere.

CONSTITENCY OFFICE: The first step I took upon resumption of office was the establishment of a functional Constituency Office centrally located at No 206 Ughelli Patani Road Ughelli with plans to set up liaison offices at OtuJeremi and OtorUdu.

STAFFING: I have engaged the statutory five staff but had gone ahead to appoint additional forty-five others on stipends to help drive the vision of making the difference for our people.

NEEDS ASSESEMENT: My staff have assisted in reaching our community leaders in collating the infrastructural needs of each community with a view of placing these needs in the Budgets of MDAs of the Federal Government within my tenure. Thus, we now have a data bank for this purpose.

SEVEN COVENANTS WITH MY PEOPLE: During the campaigns, I made seven covenants with you my people that will guide our relationship and help measure my performance. I am glad to inform you that I have tried to keep to the agreement.

1. ACCESS: I have ensured that I remain accessible to all who visit or call/text as much as is practicable as I cannot abandon everything just to receive visitors or answer calls. Many individuals and groups have visited, and these were well attended to. The Constituency office maintains a high level of friendly relationship with constituents, who are at liberty to call or write the office at any time and a staff is always available to attend to them promptly.

2. QUALITY ATTENDANCE OF HOUSE SITTINGS WITHOUT FAIL: This is evident and needs no advertising. Indeed, the days when your voice was absent or silent in Abuja ended 10th June. I have attended almost all sittings of the House and spoken for you in many of these sittings and this is well reported in the Press.

3: CONSISTENT LINKAGES WITH MINISTRIES, DEPARTMENTS AND AGENCIES OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FOR EMPLOYMENT AND BUSINESS: I commenced facilitating of employment for many of our young graduates in Federal MDAs. While a few have commenced working in the DISCOS & the services, a good number are in process even as we seek more openings. I gave out over a hundred recommendation letters during the year under review with many getting results.

4: ATTRACT FEDERAL PRESENCE BY CAPTURING AND LISTING OUR INFRASTRUCTURAL NEEDS IN THE FEDERAL BUDGET: The first Budget I participated in was just going to commence implementation when Covid 19 pandemic erupted. I am determined that we still benefit from the process.

5: SPONSOR RELEVANT BILLS AND MOTIONS THAT WILL IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF LIFE OF OUR PEOPLE: On 29/10/2019, my bill for the establishment of Federal College of Nursing and Midwifery in Otu – Jeremi was moved at the floor of the House, and it scaled through 1st reading. I also played the role expected of me for the concurrence of the Bill for establishment of the Federal Polytechnic Orogun sponsored by the Deputy President of the Senate (D.S.P) HE Distinguished Senator Ovie Omo-Agege at the House of Representatives which is now awaiting Presidential assent. I have successfully moved several motions on the floor of the house which were passed. Perhaps the most popular are; On 18/07/2019, a motion on “commendation of the Federal Government on the Warri-Itakpe Rail project while urging for its expansion to Abuja and an expansion overhaul of the rail infrastructure in the country for economic development”; On 28/11/2019, a “motion for the investigation of illegal disposal and burning of seized badges, boats and vehicles in the Niger Delta Region” ; On 06/02/2020 “the motion on the need for the Nigeria Police Force to implement Community Policing in their postings” On 25/02/2020 motion on “the call on the armed forces to halt incessant attacks on Avwon, Agadama, Ohoror and other Communities in Uwheru Kingdom of Ughelli North Local Government Area, Delta State”

6: CONSTITUENCY PROJECT WILL BE TRACEABLE, VISIBLE, VALUABLE AND USEFUL TO OUR PEOPLE: My first of these await the 2020 Budget currently threatened by Covid 19
7: USE MY OFFICE TO ENSURE THE PROTECTION OF THE RIGHTS TO FREEDOM AND LIBERTY OF MY CONSTITUENTS: Both on the floor and outside the floor, I have used the clout of the office to achieve this for many of our people. I have presented several petitions on behalf of our people and followed up same. My personal intervention has brought justice to many. To be able to do this is really a privilege.

UWHERU HERDSMEN ATTACK My approach was to quickly visit the communities involved to sympathize with them as well as support those in hospital. In the heat of the matter, together with the DSP we coordinated cessation of hostilities by involving the authorities. Thereafter, I successfully moved a motion on the floor of the House calling for investigation and relief. After the Covid interruption, I shall do follow up.

COOP/CBN LOANS: As promised during the campaigns and with my facilitation, about one hundred and thirty of our people have been processed awaiting disbursement of the Central Bank’s SMSE’s loans. This is in addition to some who opted for and got Motorcycles, grinding machines, generators etc. Not to mention providing for celebration during the yuletide.

DEPUTY CHAIRMAN HOUSE COMMITTEE ON POWER: Being a first-time member of the House did not deter me from playing national politics emerging as Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Power. While my responsibilities in this office cuts across the entire country, I have ensured it benefits our constituency. Thus, within this one year I have ensured restoration of electricity to various communities that have been cut off the national grid for several years. These include Ujevwe, Okolor, Agbowiame, Erhuwareh, Ovwodokpokpor-Ogor, Okobaroh’s Palace, JFM Radio etc. I also played prominent roles in restoring electricity to Afiesere, Ufuoma etc etc. The Egini T-Off by Ubogo market that was threatened by flood was my first assignment. I have begun negotiations on the DSC township & Aladja community debts with BEDC awaiting the offer of both communities.

I have intervened successfully in several individual and area electricity issues. The 15MVA in Ughelli which was in a waterlogged area and couldn’t function and consequently forced the managing of 7.5MVA has been relocated to a better place. The direct result of this is improved power supply in Ughelli. I have also successfully ensured that TCN increased the rate of power supply and presently in many areas within the Constituency, the rate of power supply has greatly improved. Negotiations are on for Imode community which has no light for 7 (seven) years, Otor- owhawhan town and Olomu clan. On prepaid metres, enumeration and mapping has been done and is still ongoing in most of our communities. The metres access providers are currently in Asaba. We assure our people that when they come to Warri/Effurun and environs, we will ensure our people get their prepaid metres. I am working to create another 33KVA fielder lines from Transcorp Ughelli to create three new injection substations one each in the three LGAs.

COVID 19 during this unfortunate pandemic, I have provided to the best of my abilities, palliatives for vulnerable women in all thirty-two wards of the constituency as well as support the efforts of each of the three Local Government Councils. This is aside the donations made by all members of the National Assembly towards the national efforts.

MISCELLANEOUS: My call on the authorities to fix Federal roads, the Ujevwu flyover and the Otujeremi pipeline fire were generally heeded. The successful publication of my book ROAD TO THE HOUSE during the year again attest to hard work I have brought to this job. In the midst of all these I have attended several marriages, burial and other ceremonies of our people ensuring that we all enjoy the prestige of the office and have access to the centre.

AT THE HOUSE my effort continually is to bring development, peace and joy to our land and people. I have served and continue to serve in various Adhoc and Standing Committees of the House. I have come to raise the bar. We should never again have a docile representative. The goodwill that I enjoy from our people is deeply appreciated.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU while acknowledging that there is a lot more ground to cover, I continue to need your support, prayers, suggestions and cooperation.
Together we will make the difference for our people.


Rt Rev Hon Francis Ejiroghene Waive (MHR)
Honorable member representing the entire people of Ughelli North Ughelli South Udu Federal Constituency
House of Representatives
11th June 2020 at Abuja

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