Ughelli Ward 3/7 PDP Faithfuls Decries Campaign Of Calumny Against Council Boss, Party Leaders And Elders


By Fisayo Bunmi


Leaders and faithfuls of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Ughelli North Ward 3/7 has called on the national and state leaders of the party to disregard the protest of calumny embarked on by some group of persons against the incumbent chairman of Ughelli North local government area of Delta state.

In a statement signed by Mr. Okiemute Omuvwie and Mr. Mukoro Oshare which was made available to newsmen at Ughelli, Delta State , They described the protester as people who are seeking for attention because they are drowning.

According to the statement, “The major actor of the protester is a drowning man and his major trait is greed as he is currently exhibiting as a head of a volatile community in Ughelli Ward 3/7.

“He is only trying to fan embar of disunity in the local government.

The statement reads,

RE: Attempt By Some Leaders In Ughelli North To Illegally Impose A Candidate On The People Of Ughelli North In The Forthcoming Local Government Elections.

Matter Arising /Our Unprejudiced Position

“Our attention has been drawn to a publication signed by one Daniel Awusa and Olokpa Felix respectively posted online with the caption that some leaders intend to impose a candidate, the incumbent chairman of Ughelli North LGA on the people of Ughelli North in the forthcoming Local Government Area elections and another protest on the same to the Governor of our dear state threatening to make the local government ungovernable for the party.

“With all due respect and humility, we the concerned PDP faithfuls in Ughelli Ward 3/7 writing in respect of Ughelli North leaders are not in a hurry to respond to frivolous allegations by misguided section of our people inspite of our common but serious resolve to bring the dividends of democracy to our grassroots through our deliberate representation.

“We would have chosen not to make any response to the lame and but wild accusation of understand performance of the incumbent chairman of Ughelli North local Government Area.

“But after the nitty gritty of his political performance, details and consideration of his laudable stewardship during his tenure, against the unmerited protest on his second tenure. Their protest has failed on arrival for so many but obvious reasons as such no much need to drive it’s context further.

“Apart from Chief David Edevbie,Chief of Staff to the Governor of Delta State, Chief Patrick Egone, Hon Solomon Awhinawhi, Prof Patrick Muoboghare, Chief Terry Noah, Chief Fred Majemite, Dr. Steve Oru, Hon Eric Oharisi, Hon Barr Samuel Mariere, Rt. Hon Ovie Festus Agas, Hon Kenneth Ibru amongst others, who are the political and opinion leaders that had piloted the affairs of Ughelli North with abundant dividends of democracy so far in this new political dispensation than any other ones.

“And by specification and assertion, these petitioner and protesters had accepted them as their leaders and so, what role should benefiting subordinates play before their ever supportive leaders especially having benefitted from them in the same process in the past personally and in community leadership wise?

“Or has there be any beach of our Ughelli North political activities that run counter to democratic activities ahead of the forthcoming local government elections by Ughelli North leaders as constained in the existing Electoral laws?

“Were these petitioners and protesters not the same persons praising these leaders when appointed into positions through the great efforts of these leaders yet could not perform in their respective public offices.

“Political agitations, propositions and resolutions the world over is determined by political and opinion leaders, so at what point these leaders had gone wrong in their wisdom to return the incumbent Ughelli North LGA chairman if in their wisdom, the man had satisfactorily performed?.

“The main actor of this protest went extra mile to work against the Ughelli Ward 3/7 arrangement in projecting the councillorship candidate in the ward in the last LGA councillorship election.

“This same man as a Motor Park Owner has not also contributed a dime as revenue to the Local Government Council since the inception of this government. And the government has not deem it fit to summon him, he should learn not to throw stone because he lives in glass house otherwise we shall open his can of worms.

“We want to state unequivocally and categorically that Ughelli North Political leaders are properly on ground without bias or prejudice had a vote of confidence on the incumbent chairman, Hon Godwin Adode if they so desire

“While notifying the state governor about the protesters, the statement further revealed that the petitioners are the main crisis generators in Ughelli North and therefore their actions should not only be disregarded but call for proper investigation awaiting disciplinary measures to serve as deterrent to others because it is tantamount to party disorganization.

“They should not cry more than the bereaved and should not also claimed to be more catholic than the Pope”. The statement warned.

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