Ughelli Prayer Day: Fr Mario Ozele calls for federal presence in Urhobo land

By Joel Grandball & Omamuzo Efidhere

REVEREND Fr. Anthony Mario Ozele has called on Ughelli chiefs and prominent sons and daughter of the kingdom to always rally round the Ovie of Ughelli, HRM, Evang. Wilson Ojakovo Oharisi III, JP, to bring down the presence and multiple blessings of God Almighty upon the kingdom.

He called on Ughelli Chiefs, politicians to always brace up and work with monarch because God ordained him to redirect his people back to Him.

Speaking on the occasion of Ughelli Kingdom 7th prayer day, with the Theme: ‘And the Land have Rest’, Fr. Ozele said, “The only way to entrust righteousness in Ughelli is for all to pray for God to bring peace because prayer is the only key and now that our kings are leading the way back to God, all should stand with them.

According to him, foreigners have declared war on Urhobo nation, they know our bushes more than us thereby defiling our young girls, chasing us from our farm land and killing us in our vicinity.

“Urhobo nation have been ridiculed because no federal presence, no Minister, no Permanent Secretary and Board Member, the only federal government presence, FUPRE is been fought

“Urhobo culture is of modesty close to that of the Hebrews, justice for the oppressed, respect for elders but today, it is gradually going away because our people are giving it away”.

He said, “When you have Jesus leading the way, rest must always come and all the problems facing the land will give way for progress. The Urhobo kings are leading the way back to God but the subjects are lagging behind.

But if it was to the federal government and politicians coming and the vice president is sharing N10,000 to public market women, the stadium would have been filled to capacity.

“They will not come to praise God for peace in the kingdom but if was to be the Vice President sharing N10, 000 market women, the stadium would have been filled to capacity

Speaking further, the clergy said, “Nigeria needs to be restructure and if we are serious, we must go back to the constitution of 1963, where region is to be developed by its people.

Earlier in his address, the president of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN, Bishop (Dr.) kingsley Enakirerhi said, “This present 7th edition of Ughelli prayer day is another encounter with God whom we believe will ‘Give Our Land Rest’ in Ughelli and its environs.

“Rest means ceased to work or movement in order to relax, sleep or recover strength and the land rested from battles, wars and being in the 7th celebration in Ughelli kingdom, rest is assured in the land, advising the people to always have the fear of God so that his promises will come to the land”. He said.

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