The man, Onoriobe Peter And His Continuous Quest To Help The Less Privilege In The Society Through His NGO, ‘Peter’s Mission For The Less Privilege

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To succeed you have to believe in something with such a passion that it becomes a reality and the end result of kindness is that it draws people to you, it is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.

Peter’s Mission for the Less privilege, a non-governmental organization believes in passion which has become a reality that has drawn people from all walks of life to the NGO, irrespective religion, tribe and culture.

Although the founder of Peters mission for the less privilege, comrade Onoriobe Peter Smith has been involved in community development activities and services for many years, the sole aim of the NGO is putting smiles on the faces of both the young and the old from the rural communities down to the urban areas with the mission statement legacy of humanitarian services and educational support.

In actualizing of its aims and objectives of the organization, uncountable number of schools have benefited from the NGO through the donation and distribution of note books and other educational materials to the less privileged children all over the world mostly in Africa.

For over a decade, the Peter’s Mission for the Less Privilege has provided over 20,000 humanitarian services to both young and old in the society, it has visited various prisons across the country with food items clothing and educational materials.

Widows of deceased security officers mostly the Nigeria Police were provided with free medical health care, food items and skills acquisition program in 2015/16 and Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs, were provided with relief materials during heavy flood.

In 2017, over 500 widows from Ughelli and its environs in Ughelli North Local
Government Area of Delta State received free medical health care and
food items and financial assistance from a Non-Governmental Foundation, Peters Mission for the Less Privilege.

According to the Chairman and founder of the mission, Mr. Onoriobe Peter smith, “For the past 10 years, the mission has embarked on this gesture most especially for the aged mothers, widows, wives of deceased policemen and skilled training for prisoner and the less privilege

“The mission decided to embark on the humanitarian gesture for the past 10years in order to assist the widows, Internally Displaced Persons, (IDPs), Prisoners and wives of deceased police officers across in the country.

“We have been embarking on skills acquisition and rendering free health care services to prisoners and wives of deceased policemen who died in the line of duty.”

Commending the gesture of the mission, the president general of Ekiugbo Community, Mr. Emmanuel Ovwigho said, “I was not expecting much from this mission but when I came here, what I saw was amazing and am using this opportunity to call on our young men to emulate the gesture of mission.

“I want to commend Peters Mission for this laudable gesture in remembering the less privilege and if others privilege individuals in the society can emulate and embark on similar outing, I believe our society would be better for it and we pray to God for him to enable him do more.”

Also, in 2017 August, the mission embarked on sensitization campaign against drug abuse which has cause many deaths among the youth in Ughelli North, South and Isoko North Local Government Areas of Delta state.

Onoriobe said, “In our society today, you see many of our boys and girls taking hard drugs without doctor’s prescription for a habit after which they involve in crime, prostitution and as a result, many have lost their lives due to the wrong usage.

Primary school pupils with New Uniforms

“The foundation having seen with pain how youths engage and addict themselves to hard drugs likes Tramadol, Rohypnol, Codeine and how it has affected their health, brains and behavioral systems, (insanity) had to embark on the campaign, ‘Stop Drug Abuse’ in other to save lives.

“Some of our youths took to these drugs to enhance their sexual performance, without following doctor’s prescriptions, don’t be surprise that some armed robbers are influenced by the use of these hard drugs while some took it due joblessness.

Welcoming the campaign to the Hausa community at the Ughelli, the secretary general, Muhammed Rano said, “We are glad that this campaign came at the time we will be gathering to celebrate Salah. We will speak to our people to avoid self-prescription of drugs without seeing doctors.”

At Iyede in Isoko North local government, Mr. Johnmark Ishani appeals to the federal government to set up a monitoring committee to monitor some of the pharmacies and chemists that do sell these drugs without prescriptions.

“The wrong use of these drugs can be attributed to pharmacies and chemists who would always want to make quick money without knowing the identity of those buying the drug. These are drugs that have ban by the federal government why are they still in the store? He questioned. 

At Ewu in Ughelli South Local Government Area of Delta State, The Peters Mission for the Less Privilege, rescue over 20 orphans, abandoned children, Widows and smile was put in their face through the provision of food items, school uniforms, and the award of scholarships to school children.

On 7 June 2018, wheelchairs were donated association disable persons led by Mr. Oghenekevwe Joseph a native of Ewu clan of Ughelli South LGA Delta State in Ughelli as part of the mission objective in saving lives of the less privileged people 

The recipient, in his overwhelming speech on behalf of others thanked the Chairman/ CEO Peters mission for the less privileged, Peter Smith Onoriobe for bringing their hope back again and also pray God to bless the mission for their humanitarian works they have been doing to save humanity and also encourage the mission to reach out to others in order for them to live happily with other people in the society.

Comrade Onoriobe in his speech appeals for more assistance from the international organization, government partnership.

According to him, The Peter’s Mission is using this kind gesture as the way for them to reach out to less privileged people around world. “We are giving back to the society with distribution of food items to Widows and orphans around the world, distribution of food items and awarding scholarship to Police Widows and their children, provision of free medical health care to the young and old less privileged people.

“Provide relief materials to internally displaced persons IDPs all over the globe, donate food items, clothes and free medical health care to prison inmates. Joining hands with other international NGOs to boost the economic status of less privileged persons in the society. Donating wheelchairs, walking aids and financial support to disable people in the rural and urban communities and skills acquisition training programs for less privileged persons around the world.

He said: “We have been embarking on skills acquisition and rendering free health care services to prisoners and wives of deceased policemen who died in the line of duty.”

“We have visited the Warri, Kwale Prisons in Delta state, we have also donated relief materials to Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs, in Maiduguri, Bornu state and to flood ravaged victim across Nigeria.

“If other privilege individuals and NGOs in the society can embark on similar outing, I believe our society would be better place free of violence and crime because ‘Charity is a supreme virtue, and the great channel through which the mercy of God is passed onto mankind’”.

In recognition of his humanitarian services and socio-economic development, Onoriobe was honored and given award of ‘Excellence’ by Ughelli Hall of Fame.

The organizer of the event, Prince Daniel Ekuigbo, publisher of Ughelli Times Magazine, said “Awards by this body are given based on the conviction that the recipients have touched lives in positively in whatever situation they find themselves.

“We have been following some of the precedents of Mr. Peter Smith Onoriobe and his NGO on how he has been putting smiles on the faces of the less privileged within and outside the country and the development of Ughelli his immediate environment. The Ughelli Hall of Fame award is the recognition of his Humanitarian services and socioeconomic development of Ughelli nation and humanity at large”.

“The honor bestowed on me is a way of encouraging me to contribute more to save humanity, ‘This award is dedicated to God Almighty and the less privileged people around the universe’ and we have reinstated our commitment to the welfare and restoring hope to the hopeless and give them sense of belonging”. Onoriobe said.

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