The Downside of COVID-19 on Humanity

Coronavirus has led to reduced pollution, re-emerging wildlife and plunging oil prices and shown the size of the task facing humanity. But once eradicated, Covid19 will leave long, profound marks of its destructive passing; the epidemic will have damaged worldwide economy for many years and marked our memories forever. I’m convinced that we shall speak of a “Pre–Coronavirus” era and an “Post-Coronavirus” era.

Secondly, I’m sure that our behavior will remain marked by the trauma that it must have provoked and by the changes of behavior it will have caused.

Certain adaptations will disappear little by little and others, on the other hand, will last for a long time, a long way after the disappearance of the Coronavirus, in our ways of being and of living.

Many of them concern a spontaneous return to common sense that we’ve progressively lost, and that this crisis has made us discover again. Without waiting for the end of this tragedy, I want to give you my opinion of the best attitudes that we will keep by a way of projecting us into the era “post-Coronavirus” that we are all waiting for and wish for from the bottom of our hearts.

It appears the COVID-19 pandemic has given the planet a gift, the normally bustling pubs, bars, churches, mosques and theatres have been closed and people have been told to stay in their homes.

Worldwide, flights are being cancelled or turning around in mid-air, as the aviation industry buckles. Those who are able to do so are holed up at home, practicing social distancing and working remotely. It is all aimed at controlling the spread of COVID-19, and hopefully reducing the death toll. But all this change has also led to some unexpected consequences.

As industries, transport networks and businesses have closed down, it has brought a sudden drop in carbon emissions. Compared with this time last year, Coronavirus has taken billions of people off the streets around the globe and slashed international travel.

And all those people staying at home seem to be a collective weight off the shoulders of the global environment in certain observable ways. It’s likely that many of these dramatic and sudden shifts will be recorded in our memory. Geological records and other natural records that will outlast both this pandemic and the rest of our lives…. So far it has literally reflected a slowdown of our lives because In a matter of months, the world has been transformed.

Thousands of people have already died, and hundreds of thousands more have fallen ill, from a Coronavirus that was previously unknown before appearing in the city of Wuhan in December 2019.

For millions of others who have not caught the disease, their entire way of life has changed by it. The people who are avoiding travel,work,pubs,bars, right now are really appreciating spending time with families and focusing on those really core priorities.

These moments of this pandemic can highlight how important those priorities are and help us as individuals focus on the health and well-being of family, friends and our immediate community.

We know from social science research that interventions are more effective if they take place during moments of change.

Times of change can lead to the introduction of lasting habits.

Larry Dada observes and writes from Lagos



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One Thought to “The Downside of COVID-19 on Humanity”

  1. Cadmus

    Great piece Larry. Covid19 has actually changed the way we think and act. It has taken the time consuming and wastage out of our lives. It has given us the privilege to be closer to our families then ever before. Although the virus is deadly and dangerous yet it should be appreciated in way because it has made our young men to be responsible and self conscious at all times. It has brought back the old hygiene of hand washing before entering some premises across Nigeria … All these are great moves had made family bonding great again…
    The virus is said to be deadly but to me I will say it’s friendly … and has brought African leaders to the realization that we as Africans we can safe guard ourselves at all times.

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