Tech Thursday: WhatsApp will now allow you to revoke messages

The days of sending drunken texts, nude pictures or messages sent by mistake will soon be a thing of the past for Whatsapp users. This week the app announced that it would gradually begin rolling out a new feature that allows users to revoke or delete messages seven minutes after sending them.  The messages will disappear from conversations or group chats but both sender and receiver will need the latest WhatsApp for this feature to work.

Whatsapp users will get a new option after sending a message that will allow them to “delete for everyone” instead of just from your own device.

Here’s how it works:

To delete messages for everyone

Deleting messages for yourself allows you to delete your copy of messages you’ve sent or received from your phone. This has no effect on your recipients’ chats. Your recipients will still see the messages in their chat screen. To delete messages for yourself:

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to the chat containing the message you wish to delete.
  2. Tap and hold the message > choose Delete from the menu. Optionally, select more messages to delete multiple messages at once.
  3. Tap Delete  > Delete for Me.

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