Supreme Egbesu issues two weeks quit notice to SPDC in Bayelsa

 Igbunu Miracle

The Supreme Egbesu Tigers of Africa, SETA, a militant group has issued two weeks ultimatum to Shell Petroleum Development Company, an oil producing Company to quit Amabuluo Federated communities territories in Ekeremor Local Government Area of Bayelsa State for undermining the law of the local content as state by the federal government.

According to the spokesman of SETA, commander Ogoun Tensighan, Niger Delta Avengers and the Niger Delta Volunteer Force will be learning on the  activities by SETA if SPDC they fails to listen to the voice of reason.

The spokesman said, “We have watched in awe how some group of persons led general’ Pius from Egbemagalabri community who is not a stakeholder in Amabuluo community to deceived the Dutch Oil owned company to undermine the Amabulou federated communities to divert our entitlement to his community.

The statement reads, “Terrorism is a syndrome which is 500 times stronger than HIV. The silence of the group should not be taken for granted as we are determined to make the region unhabitable for the oil company for them operate.

“This is not a threat, we have personally subbmited series of letters to SPDC  Head office in Port Harcourt, the Bayelsa state Director of State Security Services, and JTF Commander and the Commissioner of police of our intentions to strike.” Ogoun said.

“The fat footed soldiers of SETA is much more than that of NDA and NDVF and if we cannot do it alone, we will allaign with much more sophisticated group because General’ Pius has been bought over by the oil company to witchhunt his own brothers in the struggles.

“We would advice the multinational company to held to do the needful and harkento the instructions from reasonable persons who could tell the truth.

“Our rights and jobs slots cannot be taken to other communities by ‘General’ Pius while we the original owners of the property will be suffering watching and if our two weeks ultimatum, taken for granted  they will see us in action.

“We have no options than to ask SPDC to quit our communities and allow us to have our peace because they have conived with him and others and if they fail, we will strike. Take it we will strike and not shall. The stated.

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