Sexual harassment: Ex-Hollywood star Weinstein in fresh trouble

Former Hollywood Movie Producer Harvey Weinstein still has a long way to go in the sexual harassment cases filed against him by actresses in the film industry.

This time around, Weinstein’s former assistant Sandeep Rehal, has filed a lawsuit in the York Federal Court demanding compensation for working in a “pervasive and sexually hostile work environment at The Weinstein Company LLC”.

Rehal worked for The Company as the producer’s personal assistant for two years but by February 2015 she reached what her suit called “an emotional breaking point” and she left.

“As a result of the hostile work environment caused by the incessant sexual harassment, Ms. Rehal has suffered, and continues to suffer from severe emotional distress, anxiety, depression, humiliation, fear, anguish and loss of self-esteem,” the lawsuit says.

Rehal also described her job as “awful and terrifying,” leaving her with no boundary between work and personal life.

The sacked movie giant has in the meantime denied all the claims by Rehal.

A statement released by his representative said “Mr Weinstein categorically denies these claims and his lawyers will respond in the appropriate legal forum with evidence proving they are untrue. “

The lawsuit names Weinstein, his brother Bob and Frank Gil, TWC’s senior vice president for human resources.

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