Residents Of Gbanraun Community Defy Heavy Downpour For Elohim Ministries Int’l Inc, Free Medicals over 200 persons were treated

By Joel Grandball & Omamuzo Efidhere

Residents of Gbaraun community, Southern Ijaw Local Government Area of Bayelsa State yesterday defiled the heavy downpour to partake in the ongoing free three days medical services rendered by Elohim Ministries International Incorporated, USA, in collaboration with Ekuogbe Akpodiete Foundation and Christian Aid and Resource Rehab Evangels. 

The heavy downpour which started as early as 7:am and lasted for over 5 hours could not deter the residents of the community and others from the 250 clans that make up Gbaraun from coming to receive the services which they tagged as “First Ever Free Medical Outreach in the history of Gbaraun kingdom”.

On day two of the three days free medical treatment, over 200 persons, men, women and children were treated with different sicknesses .

A community leader, King Oyoyo Bipeledei who spoke to Politics Governance on day two of the events said, “The constant coming of Elohim Ministries International Incorporated to Gbaraun community will encourage the people to have hope of living because the government has failed in its duties to provide health facilities to the people.

“Many people in the area have died because they lacked medical care, facilities, health centres, hospitals and other social amenities despite our appeal to the government, cooperate organizations to provide us with social amenities that would prolong the life of our people.

“The reason why we are happy for this breakthrough is because Gbanraun community has been so long neglected despite be so peaceful and it  might not have been the first option of Elohim Ministries International Inc, USA, but divine grace located us, she and her partners identified with us and we are very glad to have them despite the negative reports about us a community.

“We wish to commend Elohim Ministries International Incorporated, Ekuogbe Akpodiete Foundation, the Children Aid and Resource Rehab Evangels from Jos in Plateau State for deafening their ears to negative reports and find time to come to Gbaraun kingdom to administer free medical treatment”. Bipeledei held. 

Dr. Ferdinand attending to vision impaired patient in Gbanraun Kingdom, Bayelsa State

Also the leader of the missionaries from Plateau State and founder of Children Aid and Resource Rehab Evangels, Rev. Dr. Oriazowan Ferdinand lauded the hospitality of Gbanraun people for receiving them in good faith.

Ferdinand, an Optometrist, Fitness /Eye Medical Doctor said, “This is not the first time we are going to interior villages, we have been involved in this ministry since 1978 and there has not a problem because of the value the people have for medical services.

We have being to other places even much remote than this, both within and outside the shores of Nigeria and that strategies have not been abated and we thank God for His compassion.

” This Medical Outreach has actually meet with the needs of the body, Spirit, and Souls especially in communities that are not privy to medical care, it is a compassionate  ministry that everyone person should embrace because of its selflessness and it cuts across the beit.

“It is holistic, it cut across Nigeria to other African countries and the Europe and if has been on free will donations for the less privileged to have the sense of belonging and there has been lot of testimonies to the glory of God almighty.”

“We will not relent in partnering with Elohim Ministries International Inc, USA, in as much as they continue with the good will to the people  in need because it is part of our call and duties to do so when the need arises “. Dr Ferdinand assured. 

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