PSquare going the way of Mo’Hits, KC Presh

The rift between the members of the PSquare, Paul and Peter Okoye, which started two years ago, is threatening to break up the music group.

Matters assumed a different dimension on Monday when Peter wrote a letter to their lawyer, Mr. Festus Keyamo, and demanded the formal termination of the agreement binding him, his twin brother and their elder brother, Jude, as members of the group.

In the letter, which went viral on social media, Peter gave reasons why he decided to quit. One of them is that Paul had begun to take decisions without consulting him.

Peter also accused his twin brother and Jude of antagonising his wife and telling lies against her on social media, as well as threatening to kill him in the presence of the wife of a former governor of Cross Rivers State.

Although he indicated in the letter that he still cherishes his family bond with Paul and Jude, he made it clear that his immediate family (his wife and children) were more important to him.

However, Peter’s latest decision did not come as a surprise to the numerous fans of the PSquare who followed the progress of the group since its inception. It will be recalled that the twin brothers had a similar crisis in 2015, which led to a temporary breakup of their partnership.

The impact of the crisis must have been so deep and rattling that the brothers had each resorted to positioning themselves for solo careers in the future. At that time, they took on pseudonyms: Paul wanted to be known as Rudeboy, while Peter called himself Mr. P.

At a glance, it seemed that the twins knew that sometime in the future they would have to go their separate ways and so, they prepared themselves for it.

All the while, many Nigerian fans of PSquare pleaded with the Okoye brothers to put an end to the frequent bickering and fights within the group. With the current situation, they have no other choice than to express their disappointment on the various social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.

Some fans still hang on to the belief that the latest crisis is a gimmick deployed by the twins and their handlers to generate publicity. Others are convinced that the PSquare have not only lost a significant proportion of their followers, but also their prestige to the current development.

Only last week, a worried fan predicted the possible breakup of the group. He had told our correspondent, “From what I have read on social media, I think the Psquare brothers may be heading for a final breakup. The signs are obvious.”

Now it seems the fan was right, after all. Peter’s letter and the video of a violent argument he had with his brother’s in Keyamo’s office, which has since gone viral on the Internet, tells it all.

Now that it is obvious that the PSquare is on the throes of death, there is growing concern over the vacuum that its exit may create in the Nigerian music scene. But the group will not be the first to experience a breakup.

After performing together in the group known as KC Presh for 12 years and winning many fans across Nigeria, Kingsley Okonkwo, a.k.a KCee, and his friend, Precious John, a.k.a, Presh, decided to part ways in 2011. In subsequent interviews with the media, both singers indicated that the decision was mutual and not preceded by internal wrangling of any sort.

In the same year, D’banj (real name is Daniel Oyebanjo) announced that he was leaving his records label of many years, Mo’Hits and his partner, Don Jazzy.

Stating why he had to go, the singer had said, “No doubt, I have enjoyed a career boost with the label, but unknown to my fans and members of the general public; I have been short-changed at various occasions and defrauded. While I will not want to go into dirty and shocking details of some of the happenstances I would want you all to know that we have agreed to go our different ways amicably.”

Although both KCee and D’Banj remained quite relevant and visible on the Nigerian entertainment scene after leaving their respective groups, it is not certain if either of the Okoye brothers will enjoy as much followership in their solo careers as they did when they performed in a group.


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