Politics: WHY MRAKPOR FOR DELTA 2023-Atare

By Ufuoma Steven Atare


As we draw close to the decision making process in choosing a suitable candidate to take Delta State to greater heights, it is pertinent we look at the Man Dr Peter A. Mrakpor (SAN); Mrakpor posses key qualities to look out for in a public office holder namely: Selflessness, Integrity, Objectivity, Accountability, Openness, Honesty and leadership.


These qualities will match government policies with action to achieve dividends
Mrakpor as Governor will set a practical vision and suitable targets for the state that are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely).

This will be in consolidating on the successes of Gov Okowa’s SMART Agenda

Mrakpor will prioritize even development across the state; he will set goals and take responsibility for accomplishing them.

Mrakpor will focus on the big picture by avoiding distractions and concentrate his attention on promoting effective management of his team.

Mrakpor will continue to focus on developing others which he has started years ago on his individual capacity.
Mrakpor will introduce new series of educational schemes and consolidate on the vocational and skill acquisition programs in our school system in delta state; Vocational education and skill acquisition program, will be included in our state school curriculum from primary school level to university level.

This will propel our young graduated to be self-reliant because by this time they are not just coming out as ordinary school certificate holders as usual but also as certified skilled personnel.

“Consolidating and improving on the already established state Vocational Education system by the present administration is my priority”.

Special attention will be given to teachers and the school environment as this is the bedrock of our future Primary and secondary schools across the states will be upgraded to meet national acceptable levels.

Mrakpor will prioritize adult education by establishing systematic and sustained self-educating activities to gain new forms of knowledge, skills, attitudes, to add values to the wellbeing of our adult population.

Mrakpor understands that youths are significant dividends of the global population, such that they need to be included in every decision-making process.

A Sound Tutelage Structure will be put in place where the youths will be taken through the system in other prepare the youths for the future, this is so because the future of our dear polity lies in the hands of the youths

“Youth’s inclusiveness in the governance of a state or nation cannot be overemphasized, as it is seen as a panacea of development in any nation or state. My dream for the youths spans through two phases; Creating an Enabling Tutelage Structure and a Skilled and Agro-Based reorientation scheme for the youths”.

Mrakpor will directly engage the youths through initiating programs that will help breed professionalism in different sectors. Our current educational system was designed to feed the civil service and not the societal needs.

Skilled and agro-oriented personnel on the other hand will not only feed the civil service but as well service the need of the society, hence a balance system that will help eradicate poverty from our society.

Mrakpor will “provide a new and trusted future of unity in diversity, shared prosperity and harmonious peace unlocking our full potentials as a people”.

Mrakpor has practice what is termed ‘walking the talk’. That is, he has in all times in a detribalized manner practiced what he preaches; Peace and Unity, this is so because his impact has been felt across the delta state and beyond. As an arbitrator, he will ensure peace amongst all communities and put an end to community clashes in the state.

Mrakpor will prioritize Healthcare. Health Sector will witness a tremendous impact on the path of the Government, new reforms and introductions will be made through the ministry of health to help reduce the financial burden of getting adequate Health attention both for the Old and Young

Mrakpor will pay close attention to infrastructural development and introduce reforms that will revisit big Multinational industries to be established in the state to provide employment for our teaming population.

Mrakpor will attract international business by harnessing the rich natural heritage and waterways in the state by ensuring that all our ports are revived and brought back to business, the ones booming cities in the state due to port activities will be revived.

Mrakpor will introduce mechanized waste management and urban drainage in his development plan to prevent constant flooding of major cities
Mrakpor will improve state transport department to national levels and this will include riverine transportation.

Mrakpor will promote SME’s and give attention to informal sector as this represents a large portion of our society
From the aforementioned, Deltans should be assured that Dr Peter A. Mrakpor is the right choice for Governor for a greater Delta State

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