People’s Progressive Parliament Inaugurates Executive Committee

By Gradeone Henry

People’s Progressive Parliament (PPP) on Saturday inaugurated its Executive Committee at the State secretariat in Ughelli, Delta State.

While inaugurating the executive committee, the group lawyer, Barr. Onome Odoro, encouraged the group and advised them to be steadfast in dispatching their duties and ensure that members are harmonised in other to achieving its aims and objectives.

A list of those Executive officials was sent to PoliticsGovenance on Sunday night is reproduced below:

  1. President- Comr Onorhere Matthew
  2. Vice President- Comr. Emonido Obruthie Isaac
  3. Secretary- Comr. Sam Nakuduvwo
  4. Treasurer- Comr. Aliu Jafaru Harrison
  5. Woman Leader- Mrs Elizabeth Aliu
  6. Organizing Secretary- Comr. Ibruweivre Felix Efe

The group whose aims and objectives is to create socio-political awareness among the populace and to identify with any successful politician, clergymen and businessmen with integrity and track record that has contributed in the development and wellbeing of the common man and less privilege in the society. Also to promote unity among various groups and individual in respective of religion, culture, tribal, gender and political affiliation.

From Left: Vice President,Comr. Emonido Obruthie Isaac; Secretary, Comr. Sam Nakuduvwo; Barr. Onome Odoro; President. Comr. Matthew Onorhere; Treasurer, Comr. Aliu Jafaru Harrison; Woman Leader- Mrs Elizabeth Aliu and Organizing Secretary- Comr. Ibruweivre Felix Efe during the inauguration ceremony

According the group president, Comr. Matthew Onorhere “Today marks a dawn of a new beginning of the People’s Parliament, after years of reading papers, arguing, debating and discussing politics and other issues on the street, newspaper stand and vendor offices.”

“We members of the Elite Group decided to come up with a platform that will enable us to participate and be at the front burner and to be relevant in the scheme of thing s that concerns our own State and our great county, Nigeria.”

“What we are witnessing today is an idea that was given birth to on the 25th day of November, 2017 through this platform we believe we can reach out to the high and mighty in the society, e.g. the Political class, captains of industries, social cultural groups, clergy etc.”

“This platform is more than just a political pressure group that will fizzle out after elections and political activities. Our vision is beyond politics as we will work with other relevant stake holders.”

“We are non-partisan; hence we do not belong to any political party, political leader or politician. The platform is not where we argue or debate politics, but a platform which we share ideas that will promote unity among members. We will work with any political party or politician with track record that identify with us.”

The new officers were charged to diligently carry out their duties and ensure the group garner more strength and harmony to achieve its aim and objective.

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