Opinion: Entitlement Mentality By Dafe



This word in recent times is now often used by the elites, they say the youths have an entitlement mentality, but I am beginning to see that some of these leaders are even more entitled.

They felt all the good things of this world were designed for them and their families alone, news flash: everyone deserves a good life, we should stop reducing the less privileged people around us, and the beauty of life is not a function of how happy you are but how happy you can make others.

Who says these youth don’t deserve to attend good schools, earn well, live in nice apartments, and also have access to those things you give to your children?

If you have more than what you and your family require, please give, help your neighbors, help your extended family members help your society, you are blessed to be a blessing to others.

Don’t you think that you are better or your hard work is what has blessed you, bear in mind, that many have tried that same thing that made you successful but were not as fortunate as you.

If you are rich and you don’t have people who wake up every morning to pray for you, know that the day the devil visits you there would be no need for God to save you.

Everyone is a product of help, read the story of the founders of Google, read that of Dangote the list goes on and on, someone at some point gave them a platform to thrive, please be a platform to others.

We all came to this earth with nothing and we shall return with nothing.

Nothing is too much to give, remember that this life is borrowed, we shall all depart at some point.

God has given us, all we need to enjoy this earth, but man has made life difficult and unbearable for his fellow man.


Dear youths, never feel you are the way you are because someone did not help you, we must let go of every entitlement mentality because the truth is that no one owes you anything.

We must learn to constantly add value to ourselves so we can become more attractive and valuable in society.

Don’t allow yourself to be a subject of pity, because you are a royal priesthood, a chosen generation, remember that Ishmael is not all that there is for your Isaac is yet to come.

Salute to every youth out there, one love keeps us together.

Tobi Dafe writes from Warri, Delta State.

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