Opinion: COVID-19 SALARY CUT, Where Is Okowa’s Conscience?

By Ogegere Enis


In the words of Martin Luther King Jnr., on some positions, Cowardice ask the question, ‘Is it safe?’ Expediency ask the question, ‘Is it politics?’ And Vanity comes along and ask the question, ‘Is it popular?’ But Conscience ask the question, ‘Is it right?’

The above and what has been playing out between the manager of Delta’s resources, Gov. Ifaenyi Okowa, workers of the state and their salaries, has prompted me to ask; DID OKOWA HAVE CONSCIENCE?

Many would be wondering why this thought provoking question.

Recall, hope of the Nigerian workers came alive when the minimum wage implementation was announced as it is the believe of the workers whom for years labour for wages below the subsistence level that, at least there can now be more food and drinkable water on the table of their family than it used to be.

But, that is not the case of Delta workers as they continue to stare into the darkness of despair with one deduction today, and salary cut tomorrow in a government that promised her people prosperity.

Painfull, is the slash of political appointee driver’s earning and shocking, the approval and payment of a meager sum of one thousand naira (N1, 000) as annual leave to the drivers of various appointees that leave in luxury with Delta resources. An act liken to Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s opinion about an arrogant ruler in prior age, he scoffed at her people “let them eat cake” But for Okowa, he scoffed at our people “let them face death”.

It is traumatic to know that, from Delta State House of Assembly Speaker’s driver, to every other appointees, drivers are being paid TWENTY-THREE THOUSAND NAIRA (N23,000) only as monthly salary. As if that is not enough, Okowa through his salary cut is slashing all workers including this poor driver’s salary by 25%.

That, drivers of both the executive and legislative arms of Delta State government has gone home with N5750 as monthly salary with N1, 000 annual leave money is not only sickening, psychologically traumatic and demeaning from a state rich in natural resources, it has made me to ponder over why Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwore and his men has not risen in unison to review this meager sum that seems like wickedness to the drivers whom your destiny is in their hands. Or, are the Delta State House of Assembly known for “the AYES have it” all to do the biding of Mr. Governor when it concerns their welfare and not that of the civil servants and drivers whose psychological wellbeing if not service could drive them into a lagoon?

Though, the salary was in the days of Emmanuel Uduaghan N22, 000, drivers during leave has continually smiled home with huge bonuses but that is not the same with Gov. Ifaenyi Arthur Okowa, what has prompted me to asked and again; where is Okowa’s conscience?

I am Ogegere Enis

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