NYCN Seeks An End To Police Brutality In Ughelli


The Apex body of youth Organization, The National Youth Council of Nigeria, NYCN,  Ughelli North chapter has sternly condemed the intimidation and brutality of innocent citizens by security agents in Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State.

The Chairman, Comr. Emmanuel Efekemorae said, “The continued maiming, brutality and incessant arrests of residents of Ughelli town and environs in Ughelli North LGA by men of the Nigerian Police Force has become a repeated calamity that needs more attention than it is currently getting.

“The recklessness and senselessness of these attacks by those who are meant to protect citizens seen in different police outfits such as Federal SARS, SARS, Operation Delta Safe, amongst others is assuming a proportion that is defeating diplomatic approach. Thus, these despicable attacks need ruthless responses that commensurate with its weight.

Comr Efekemorae Emmanuel, NYCN UGHELLI North chapter Chairman 

“Watching the gory pictures and videos of recent attacks, sent rude shock down my spine , such that one keeps wondering the offences residents of the Local Government Area have committed to earn that level of hatred from policeman paid from our Common Wealth.

“While I disassociates myself from and stand against all forms of social vices, I appeal that suspects should be given room to prove their innoncence during investigation and when found to have a case to answer should be made to answer charges at the law court.

“It is time for decisive actions. Not just the banning and rebanning by the Police Inspector General of SARS and other units from conducting stop and search that have never been implemented and taken seriously. Enough is enough.

“I call on President Muhammadu Buhari, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, the Police High Command and well meaning individuals from the LGA, those at home and abroad, to take drastic actions now.

“We can no longer condone this recklessness anymore. It is either Nigerian government acts now in clear terms matched with action or the people will be forced to end police brutality their own way.”

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