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Delta Central 2023 is the brain Child of some desperate Urhobo leaders to mis direct Urhobo people for their selfish agitation of an Urhobo Governor come 2023.

Though, the formation of the group brought together many Urhobo’s Governorship Aspirants, and they where made to declare their interest with heavy ransome of money.

Majority of the Urhobo’s Governorship Aspirants show interest as they declare one after the other.

But the DC 23 decided to setup a committee for screening without even members of the DC23 knowing the criteria for the so-called screening! Some of the aspirants agreed to accept the decision of the committee because of their desperation and greed to rule delta state by any means and submitted themselves befor the DC23 committee .Now the result has come!

None among those screen out obey the rules and terms of the screening again ! Where is your Integrity? Integrity is regarded as been honest and truthful, and yet you want Deltans to entrust you with power! For those of you screen out and still campaigning, you all have lost your pride of place in these election. Accept the screen out. You have failed yourselves for submitting yourselves to be screened by some sort of groups you knows, that they have no backing.


These men declare their intentions before DC-23

Ovie Agas, David Edevbie, James Augoye, Sheriff Oborevwori, Bright Edejehwro, Fred Okiemute Majemite, Omizu Odebala, Kenneth Gbagi, late kenneth Okpara of blessed memory and Efe Ofuburuku and they all agreed to be pruned and they were pruned to seven, from seven to five and now to first three Aspirants. And three final aspirants as presented by DC-23 are; Sheriff Oborevwori, David Edevbie and Kenneth Gbagi.

With all these arrangements, Chief Ogheneovo Abel Esievo and Dr. Peter Adogbejire Mrakpor SAN, ACTI refused to associate themselves with this group known as DC-23, that the group has no moral right to select Aspirants .

Those of them (Aspirants), they are aware that DC-23 is just a political pressure group without legal backing, yet you submitted yourself befor them to screen and prune down names! Where is your integrity,

Why DC -23 selection is a misplaced priority !

Gbagi Kenneth is a man filled with Pride, a tyrant and so many times, he has been alleged of criminal activities and later strips Married women naked in the public, the case was later swept under the carpets because he dole money around to buy anybody as he bought over DC-23. But God is still punishing him, his Signature’s hotel is now dying a natural death because of no administrative competence, all his businesses seek no patronage from customers, so ill-mannered. With these one will know that DC-23 have no shame.

Sheriff Oborevwori is man who have no administrative knowledge, With so many wives, known for thuggery, and with so many lands court cases whose education has no trace.

David Edevbie them say is a foreigner , whose father is from Isoko, not social, family abroad, though the man edevbie has Capacity on financial matters,but has no othet knowledge on security, boundary, Chieftaincy matters , his administrative Knowledge zero . Edevbie has no humanitarian feelings, himself alone. These three persons possessed a questionable characters that none fit in the characters mentioned by Okowa to succeed him .

Ejele, Askia, DOP, Agunwanyi threatened to frustrate Okowa if he refused to give Sheriff Oborevwori endorsement. That the mantra,”Any where Okowa go we go , will be change to Anywhere we go Okowa go ” Ejele said.

The question many Deltans are asking is that, where did Sheriff get so much money from that he is lavishing on campaigns? That he should resign from the speakership and declare his Asset for all Deltans .

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