Nigerian senior lawyer striped of SAN title

A senior lawyer, B.I Nwofor has been striped of his Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN, title by Nigeria’s Legal Practitioners Privilege committee.

The decision was taken at the committee’s 126th general meeting held on June 22 and was contained in a letter from the privileges committee signed by the Chief Registrar of the Supreme Court, Ahmed Salleh.

 It said, “The legal practitioner’s privileges committee at its 126th General meeting held on June 22nd 2017, considered extensively the complaint filled by the court of appeal of Nigeria against B. E . I. Nwofor, Esq.

A Senior Advocate of Nigeria with his response to same and all material facts and have decided that B. E. I. Nwofor Esq; a Senior Advocate of Nigeria conducted himself in a manner unbefitting of a holder of the esteemed rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria.

“By reason of the foregoing, the rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria (including all its privileges) has been withdrawn from B. E. I Nwofor, forthwith.”

However, it was not immediately clear what the allegations were against the lawyer.



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