Nigeria @59- NILOWV Demand Better Living Conditions, Security, Employment


Omamuzo Efidhere


As the Nation marks the 59th anniversary of its independence, League of Women Voters of Nigeria, NILOWV, has demanded better living conditions, maximum security and employment for the women and youth of Nigeria, the most vulnerable group in our society.

In a statement signed by the president, Dame Dr. Esther Uduehi, she stated that “the League of Women Voters of Nigeria felicitate with Nigerians on the 59th independence anniversary celebration and demand better living conditions , employment, maximum security for every Nigerian not just the rich, politicians and their families but most importantly for the women and youths.

“Nigeria is declining rather than improving fifty nine years after independence and these calls for concern. We are urging the federal government to give the problem of insecurity and high rate of unemployment the required attention. With the myriads of social economic challenges currently facing the nation today, it is high time our leaders begin to think of what they should do for Nigeria as a whole.

““The League believes that women are in a better position to perfect democracy and create a better Society. It is our recommendation that at whatever level, whether Local, State or Federal, our Democracy will grow better and our elections will be sanitized only if the system of appointing Electoral Umpires is reviewed and Democratized and in all cases Women must have a great say.

“The league is non-Partisan, non-Sectarian, non-Religious, non-Ethnic, non-Racial and non-Profit Organization. Our aim is to attract all females of voting age (from 18 years and above) so as to educate and enlighten them on their civic rights and duties within the context of our present day Nigeria.

“The League brings women together to collectively explore ways of empowering them both politically and economically through creating awareness amongst them of their rights as citizens of this great country, sensitizing them on the power of their votes and their place in the Nigerian economy.

“Our objective is to promote, in all its ramification, the empowerment of women, explore ways of encouraging and assisting them to develop economically by stimulating them towards entrepreneurial skills and hands on, as well as accelerating their participation in all arms of Government and Corporate bodies.

“We seek to improve Government and impact public policies through advocacy, education and research. The League has a global network as it seeks to reposition and empower women and perfect Democracy. We are dedicated to making our Democracy work through Voter education, registration, advocacy on citizen participation and election monitoring. We encourage informed and active participation of women in Government.



“We organize Seminars and Workshops aimed at educating Women and young girls on the power of the Voter’s Card and making them more assertive in voting and choosing the right leadership.”

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