Ministerial Nominee: Nigeria Women Express Disappointment Over Buhari’s Appointments

By Joel Grandball, 

Nigeria League of Women Voters has expressed dissatisfaction and disappointment for excluding higher percentage of women in the ministerial list of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Among the 43 ministerial nominee, only seven (7) women were nominated by the president making just 16 percentage of his cabinet.

In a statement signed by the president of the group, Dr. Esther Uduehi tagged, ‘Ministerial Nominees: Complete Disregard of the Abilities and Capabilities of Nigerian Women’ the women expressed disappointment over president Buhari.

According to the statement, “The League of Women Voters of Nigeria ( NILOWV) is very disappointed that only 7 women were on the list of 43 Ministerial nominees that has been sent to the Senate for screening and confirmation.

NLOWV in Group photograph with Dame Dr. Esther Uduehi

“To say the least, it is sad and shameful that while a sister African Country like South Africa is parading a Cabinet of 50 percent men and 50 percent women, Nigeria the so called Giant of Africa is promoting one with about 16 percent  women which is not even up to half of the 35 percent affirmative action.

“This is a sad story for Nigeria and a very pathetic disregard of the abilities, capabilities and education of Women in Nigeria today which stands at about 50/50. 

“It is a sad roll back to the primitive and unproductive era of male chauvinism. We want to remind the President that it is the Nigerian Women who braved the sun and the rain to stand faithfully on the queues  to cast their votes.

“It is more worrisome and a sad report for the  country that wants to lead the continent of Africa to not only look down on the capabilities of its women but to lack so much behind most of the African Countries in the inclusion of Women in Governance.

“Nigeria can not and should not be allowed to continue with its unprogressive and oppressive gender  traditions in the 21st Century even when by lip service it professes its belief and support for the UN ‘Affirmative Action’.

Dame Dr Esther Uduehi

The statement added that, “No nation can develop or rise above its womanhood and Nigeria is where it is today because of the neglect of its women.

“Women account for 50 percent population of this nation and the failure to recognize that exclusions of women who account for over 50 percent of its population and of its educated work force, the governance of the nation will not only be discriminatory and injustice but can not take the country far to desired goal and position in the league of nations.

“The Nigeria League of Women Voters has called on Nigerians to urge the President to amend his propsed ministerial list and replace it with a list that at least meets the UN 35% which he openly professed or promised Nigerians.

“There are as many capable and educated women as there are men in Nigeria and we are calling on all Nigerian Women, groups to wake up, shun deceits and join the League in this crusade and fight for women emancipation in Nigeria.

Dr. Uduehi in the statement said, “We implore all women to get involved with their home States, Towns, Communities and Wards even from where ever they reside. 
“Give a helping hand and voice to your kiths and kin and give them the necessary education and enlightenment as we appeal to all Nigerians especially the Hes4Shes to support us and partner with us to  build a Stronger Nigeria. 

‘Nigerian Women, Arise and Move forward for equal recognition and greater development of our country Nigeria”. It reads.

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