Mercy Johnson talks about her hubby and his uniqueness

– Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson has revealed why she is crazy about her husband – Mercy gushed about her husband Prince Odi in a recent interview

– She believes her husband is a saint and the next thing close to God’s existence

Mercy Johnson has successfully made fans crave the special kind of love between her and her hubby for themselves. In a recent interview, the curvy actress revealed why she is completely crazy about her husband and even described him as a saint.

Speaking to Nigerian Tribune, she talked about her husband Prince Odi who she often shows off on social media as one in all. In fact, the two lovers are fond of each other and always show it. Recently Odi shared a loved up photo of his wife saying she’s a vital part of him. This time it’s Mercy explaining her he makes her head spin. Calling him her soul mate, she said: “My husband is a saint. Everything. My husband is not someone you interact with, with your body. He is someone you commune with, with your soul. You just love his soul.”

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