Lessons of Anambra election

I am happy for Willie Obiano. He was re-elected as governor of Anambra State and his victory is good for our democracy.

As much as godfatherism is necessary in politics, loyalty should be to the people and state. Enough of godfathers who want their godchildren to perpetually hold onto their apron-strings.

True democrats are idealistic and remain so in spite of changing times. They hold onto their beliefs for as long as possible.

When they waiver sometimes, because man cannot be 100 per cent idealistic, they give their followers reasons which they understand and empathise with.

How can a former APGA chieftain announce the puritanism of another party? Did both parties have an ideological co-dependence from the first?

Had he not forsaken the party that made him what he is, and campaigned for another candidate behind the scene, with reasons, I would have taken him seriously.

Source: today.ng


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