Kumuyi storms Abuja, seeks divine intervention in Nigeria

Pastor Williams Kumuyi, the General Superintendent (GS) Deeper Life Bible Church, held a resounding crusade in Abuja on Sunday where he prayed for divine intervention in Nigeria and for the progress of the people.

At the crusade held at the National Stadium, Kumuyi passionately called upon God to intervene in the lives of the people .

The pastor who spoke on a message titled “Effective Plea for Divine Intervention,” said that God was ever ready to intervene if people were ready to call on Him to do so.

He said that deliberate leaving all sins and iniquities which serve as impediments and obstacles would attract dynamic power for divine intervention.

The Pastor took his sermon from the Holy Bible in Mark Chapter 10 verse 46 to 51 and Mathew Chapter 15 verse 21 to 28.

The cleric said that God would intervene in the life of every individual as he did in the life of the two characters in the scriptures read; the blind Bartimeaus and the Sarophoenician woman.

He said that God was ready to intervene in the lives of worshipper, no matter the challenges they have been experiencing.

He said that God was interested in their situations and He had prepared a lot to deposit in their lives and set them free no matter the years they had experienced their problems.

Kumuyi however said that there was the need to cast away filthy garments of sin, abomination, injustice, deception, corruption among others for God to intervene.

The cleric, who called for repentance and renunciation of sins and iniquities, said that God was able to do what He did in the lives of the biblical characters only when they heeded to His calling.

He said that there was the need to accept Jesus as one’s Lord and saviour before divine intervention could be enjoyed.(NAN)

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