Joel-Onowakpo Thomas: An Outstanding Personality That Understands Political Legislature


“We need leaders, not in love with money but love with justice. Not in love with publicity but love with humanity”-Martin Luther King Jr

If you know Hon. Joel-Onowakpo Thomas Ewomazino(FCA, FCTI, MBA) very well in person, you will be glad to have a personality who thinks creatively, constructively, and progressively in nature.

Since I became close with a man of vision, I realized, that his style of politics is different from other regular politicians in Nigeria.

When it comes to politics and humanity, Hon. Joel-Onowakpo Thomas is a household name in Delta State and beyond.

Hon. Joel-Onowakpo is currently vying for Delta South Senatorial District 2023 which comprises 8 local governments inside the 25 local governments in Delta state. His political input is felt in all the local governments in the State.

Before Hon. Joel-Onowakpo became active in Delta State politics, he was already an accomplished chartered accountant and hospitality mogul in Lagos State. Any politician who can successfully manage businesses for years can as well manage people too. He is not a noise-making politician but prefers to do humanitarian services in silence.

In legislative matters, Hon. Joel-Onowakpo Thomas will do well in the house if elected come 2023. He is not a politician that listens to gossip from anybody. He studies your worth by what you portray as a person not what people say about you.

Take note, Hon. Joel-Onowakpo is not a social media noise-maker but he allowed his works to speak for him secretly and publicly. A vote for Hon. Joel-Onowakpo is a vote for development, excellent representation, and empowerment.

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