Isoko Fed. Const 2023: The Cap Fits Jonathan Ukodhiko


At the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of declaration of independence, James Garfield who served nine terms in the United States House of Representatives and later as the 20th President of the United States delivered this message to the people
“Now more than ever before, the people are responsible for the character of their congress. If that body be ignorant, reckless and corrupt, it is because the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness and corruption. If it be intelligent, brave and pure, it is because the people demand these high qualities to represent them in the National legislature.”

With the House of Representatives elections barely four weeks away, the question on the lips of the people of Isoko nation is who will likely emerge as the next member to represent Isoko Federal Constituency at the National Assembly come May 29, 2023. To properly appraise such individual within the context of the numerous socio-political challenges facing the Isoko nation, there is the compelling reason for the politically enlightened people of Isoko to take into consideration the pedigree of the likely successor of Rt. Hon. Leo Ogor. It is therefore my candid opinion that in the search for who represents Isoko nation at the Green Chambers, the Isoko voter must look out for a candidate with proven pedigree, honesty, integrity, sense of patriotism and sound understanding of the current challenges facing Isoko nation. We must ensure that the criteria for voting for any person are based on character, capacity and skills rather than sentiments and sectionalism.

In my mind, the Peoples Democratic Party House of Representatives candidate for Isoko Federal Constituency, Pastor Engr. Ajirioghene Ukodhiko fits into the picture of such a representative in the making. Ukodhiko is a renowned Mechanical/Production Engineer, business mogul cum key oil and gas sector player, astute public administrator and philanthropist of note who has carved a niche for himself in the private sector and has proven beyond reasonable doubt that Isoko Federal Constituency will be safer under his watch. He has taken time to study the peculiar situation of the constituency and has solution to offer.

Listening to Ukodhiko speak at several fora in the course of his consultations and campaigns, you expect nothing than hope with a total conviction that Isoko Federal Constituency is about to witness a total transformation. When he speaks, you see sincerity, commitment, determination and a genuine desire to effect a change in Isoko North/South federal constituency. He is the man best fit to represent the constituency in the Green Chambers and bring a new level of energy and urgency to addressing the constituency most pressing needs. His humane, temperate and well groomed candour stands him out as the finest gentleman to assume the Isoko Federal Constituency seat in the House of Representative.

Jonathan Ukodhiko is a remarkable achiever who has distinguished himself in entrepreneurship and business innovation. He founded Joeny Holdings, an indigenous engineering and construction company which is recognized nationally and internationally with an employment profile of over 500 persons including expatriates. He is a man who has been well known for his integrity and commitment to work. His first foray into public service was when he served as Commissioner for Power and Energy under the current administration of Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa between July 2021 and April 2022.

As many that know or have come in contact with him will agree that within the period he became visible in Delta politics, he built a reputation for himself as a public spirited individual who has given hope and succour to many public causes. As a passionate philanthropist, Ukodhiko believes in empowering his people in all ramifications because a person empowered will overcome his environment and the challenges. For instance, in December 2021 as part of his contribution to the welfare of his constituents during the yuletide, he presented food items, wheel chairs, wrappers and other materials worth millions of naira to over 3,000 persons drawn from Isoko South and North. No doubt Ukodhiko’s aspiration appears to be gathering momentum as he takes his message of unification of Isoko Nation (Okugbe Isoko 2023) and provision of inclusive representation to all the nooks and crannies of Isoko.

Apart from the bandwagon of endorsements from diverse groups, youth associations and critical stakeholders, his calm demeanor and godly credentials resonates strongly with majority of the electorates.

According to him, the truest meaning of representation is service to the people and adequately representing their interests. “Based on this, we shall periodically engage and consult with critical stakeholders of our great party and the leadership of Isoko Development Union (IDU) before certain decisions (bills/constituency projects) will be taken and presented before the legislature”.
The amiable, humble, unassuming and intelligent politician has pledged that if elected to represent Isoko Federal Constituency at the National Assembly, he will initiate, sponsor and support bills that will be propelled to champion empowerment and job creation. As a renowned industrialist, he has pledged to create Isoko Investment Company to drive industrialization of the Isoko nation and ultimately create jobs for our teeming youths.

He believes that as future leaders, our youths should be properly guided and mentored to be able to partake in the decision making process and so part of his agenda is the involvement of youths in governance through effective mentoring, education, capacity building and empowerment schemes. Another equally important part of his agenda will be to initiate, sponsor and support legislative process to end gas flaring to enable the Isoko nation generate electricity. Jonathan Ukodhiko is an experienced manager and a transparent investor in the sense that he has been able to build a business from the scratch and put it up to a global standard in which it competes with the biggest in the world.

By coming into political leadership, he has come to put an additional feather to his cap and as someone who has a company that employs over 500 persons including expatriates, Isoko people should understand that he will not be going to the House of Representatives to amass crude wealth for himself and family or mess around with funds meant for constituency projects, since he is content with his estate in life and simply needs a platform to serve his people better. He is unarguably qualified to give Isoko Federal Constituency quality representation. And so if the upcoming House of Representatives election is about the search for a candidate who is prepared to offer a representation driven by empathy and genuine concern for the plight of the constituents in Isoko, then Pastor Engr. Jonathan Ukodhiko is the man.

If we want a vibrant and forward looking and information technology savvy man who can navigate the business world and international community for the benefit of Isoko nation, the cap fits no one better than Pastor Engr. Jonathan Ukodhiko. If the Isoko nation is looking for a man whose representation will be open, honest, transparent and accountable, then Ukodhiko is the man. If Isoko desires a man who would be in the House of Representatives to serve, not a man who would lord it over the people, search no further as Pastor Engr. Ukodhiko will go for us.

Let us vote for Pastor Engr. Jonathan Ajirioghene Ukodhiko in the House of Representatives election slated for February 25. No doubt his network both in government and the business community is extensive and global and will come handy as our representative in the Green Chambers. He is certainly the best man for the job, the cap fits him.

Alex Ovie.
Former Publicly Secretary, Isoko Development Union.
(2004- 2006)

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