Islamic scholar urges Northerners to embrace immunisation

An Islamic Scholar, Sheikh Ahmed Abubakar Gumi, has called on Muslims to accept polio vaccination and other routine immunisation for their children’s wellbeing.

Speaking at Journalists’ Initiative on Immunisation Against Polio (JAP), Kaduna State chapter event, Gumi assured parents that vaccines for polio and other routine immunisation were safe.

Gumi, who is also a medical practitioner, said polio and other communicable diseases required the support of all stakeholders, with a view to addressing the problem of the deadly disease in the country.

He commended World Health Organisation (WHO) for its effort toward eradicating smallpox among other diseases, saying, “WHO is currently exerting the same effort to eradicate polio in Nigeria”.

He also appealed to pregnant women, particularly those in the rural areas to always visit health centres for medication and advice.

The JAP Coordinator, Kaduna State Chapter, Alhaji Lawal Dogara, said the NGO was committed to educating parents and caregivers through social mobilisation on the importance of polio vaccination/immunisation.


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