Interview: Why I want Christians To Participate In Politics-Akpodiete

Alexander Osondu Akpodiete, a Professor of Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics, based in US, who teaches in one of the Universities in the United States. He is also a Publisher and Editor.

In this interview with, he bares his mind on Nigeria politics, his support and the need for Nigerians to get involved in the 2023 elections with their Permanent Voters Card (PVC).



Sir can you just tell Nigerians why you embarked on giving out one million to PVC registrants without anything in return?


We have to encourage people because 2023 is a watershed moment and I hope people have learned their lessons. Enough should be enough. Also, things are hard in the country and the monies given out may help someone. It’s a simple patriotic gesture led by the Holy Spirit.


Tell us more on who is Alexander Atawa Osondu Akpodiete

I was born in Ughelli to the late Otota of the Great Ughelli Kingdom, Chief Ekuogbe Akpodiete and Dr. Jesse Ukamaka Onogwuwe Akpodiete of Isumpe clan in Utagba-Uno, Ndokwa West Local government Area both of Delta state.

I was privileged to have degrees in Computer Science, Cyber-Security, MBA and a doctorate in Law (Jurisprudence). I believed in continuous learning and now have finished my (PhD) in Cyber Security leadership just for my own edification. Professionally, I am attached to a University in the US and run my own international Tech and Consulting company with offices in UAE, US and Nigeria respectively.


Why in Asaba and not in your local government or community?


Delta State is a microcosm of Nigeria and Asaba being the capital is diverse. We felt we could reach more Deltans from different ethnic groups here. Other considerations included Logistics with INEC and sourcing of more dependable volunteers we used in the past. I used to live here, making the terrain more familiar.


Why did you do it in the church?

This is my home church and where I was ordained a reverend years ago. I served here as a Pastor under a great founder and mentorship of, the Late Rev. John Obiora Nwosu.


So, it was a convenient venue and Pastor Chris Nwosu is an innovative Man of God. We also wanted to reach out to our members and other Christians. Above all, we wanted to send a message to Christians that they must support their faith with action. Prayer is important but it should not stop there. Be active in government, politics and society. Faith without works is dead.


Did you have any ambition in the near future before doing this?


We hope to collaborate with INEC to come and educate people on how the voting machines/process works at a later date. Nothing else for now.


 Is the Atawa-Akpodiete foundation being sponsored by any other organization in doing this?



No. It is simply an altruistic act by my wife and I.


How much did it cost you to pull INEC officials from their office in this last two days of final registration rush?


Actually nothing was given but a simple token of appreciation for their time and refreshments because it was a long day and they worked hard.

Do you have any prefer candidate in 2023 election either in your state or federal level?

None so far at the Delta State level but ‘Peter Obi for President’. I can give you a long list as to why Obi candidacy makes better sense compared to Atiku or Tinubu, but we can leave that for another day.


As a one time aspirant for Ughelli North, South and Udu Fed. Constituency what were your experiences then when you delve into politics?

All I can tell you is that the system was not ready for highly educated, experienced and altruistic servant/leaders. Also, the political parties need to do better and the entire system needs to be revamped. Thank you!

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