Internet radio for kids launched in Africa

Auntie Mo Kids Radio, an internet radio with content targeted at children in Nigeria and other African countries has been launched.

The radio which was launched on Sunday has educative and entertainment programmes for children and parents as well.

In a statement issued by Rotimi Ogunjobi, founder of the radio, he said that the radio broadcasts for children from kindergarten to above 8 years.

“Auntie Mo Kids Radio, a pioneer of Internet Radio entertainment for children in Africa, announces its broadcasting schedule.

“Auntie Mo Kids Radio, is an all-positive internet radio station offering 24/7 children and parents oriented programmes.

“The station broadcasts education, entertainment and information content suitable for African children worldwide  from kindergarten stage up to 8+ years old.

“Special daily spots also educate parents about the various ways to approach challenges relating to raising children.

“Auntie Mo Kids Radio can be found on the home page of

“There’s no station like this one on the air in Africa,” he said.

According to the founder, the kids radio would be a huge success because the radio has very attractive programming that should successfully engage and maintain the primary audience.

He added that the radio will be able to create localised content that will focus on the cultural background and environment of the listeners.

“Children will be able to access the programmes through multiple devices.

“Auntie Mo Kids Radio streams is free and can presently be played from the website and also from mobile devices.

“Through the power of smartphones and tablet devices, the young listeners will be able to enjoy music and entertainment wherever they are.

“All users with Android-powered devices can find the free Auntie Mo Radio app on Google Play Store.

“All Apple device users can also download the Auntie Mo Radio app from iTunes and access all streams through,” he said.

He added that the internet radio runs identical daily schedules during the weekdays and also identical daily schedules on Saturday and Sunday.

The radio is supported by CISTD Foundation, an NGO which works on diverse projects which accelerate social development and foster the well-being of marginalized persons and communities.

Source: NAN

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