How Doctors Ignored My Child At Oleh General Hospital- Uzih


An angry mother, Mrs Franca Evi Uzih has called on the state government to wade into the lazy attitude of some medical practitioners in the state.

She made this known when she took her son that was sick to Oleh General Hospital, Isoko South local government Area for medical attention and was made to return home because it was not an emergency situation.

According to her on her facebook post to Umeh Need Road facebook page, she said, the Doctor told me that,”if you fall down now then I will know it’s emergency”

Her experience as written on her facebook book handle to Umeh Need Road:


Today being 8/10/2020 I found myself at the Oleh central Hospital and below is my story:

It was about some minutes past 4pm I took my son to the hospital, the card was processed and was directed to see a physician but none was on ground.

One of the health assistant thereafter requested to use my phone to call one that she did not have call credit to make such calls, I obliged and a call was made to one, the health assistant deleted the call log after the call and said “I hope the doctor will come”.

I waited for over two hours and went back to the health assistant who told me the doctor was already around and I told her “I don’t know who the Dr. was and how do I identify him/her” she further pointed to a place where the Dr. was sitted and that I should sit and wait until I am called upon. I was patient and waited for over an hour watching the Dr. stirring at me in disdain still discussing irrelevant issues with other staff.

At a point I approached the Dr. who said “why do you bring your child now? It’s past 4pm and only emergency cases are attended to” I asked him “how do you ascertained an emergency case?” He told me “if you fall down now then I will know it’s emergency” I was shocked at this coming out from those who are supposed to save lives and before my very eyes the Dr. whom my call credit was used to call to performed his own duties worked out on me. Even the other staff whom he was engaged in discussion with did not help the matter as one said “instead of you to beg, you are asking questions, stay there no one will attend to you….”

Another female staff added ” this is the practice in govt. hospital in Naija and I can’t change this if you like make noise no one cares.

I was so furious……. thinking about my child’s health condition and that of a woman in the hospital whose test was put on hold because the Lab was locked and no one to attend to her(whose case was severe and her children who brought her were confused as well).
There was also a case of a man carried away before my very eyes in a deplorable condition.

Having no other option, I decided to go home with the big and small cards in my possession……. while I approached the main gate, the health assistant and one of the records’ keeper ran after me that I should drop the big card and go with the small card, I asked them why cared about the big card since I was not attended to….. they abused me and said “go to private hospital…” I laughed and told them for saying such I will not give you the big card as requested and it took the intervention of passers-by before I released the big card to them.


**Why does hospitals run shift sections if they can’t attend to patient who are assumed not emergency cases after 4pm as was told today?

**Is the health sector the only understaffed sector?

**Should they not resign if the work is so tensed on them as always claimed to allow those who are ready to sacrifice to come in instead of putting many lives in jeopardy?

**If I was to be a First class citizen will I be treated as such? And what is the fate of the common man?

** Gov Okowa should scrap his health insurance scheme , as those that are under this scheme are treated with disdain (They scolded me that “did you pay for the cards?).

The entire health system should be overhauled.

Severe sanctions should be given to those who undermine human life.
Every time they asked for Increment on wages and are serious on private businesses leaving public hospital to suffer.

My case today is one of billion cases happening on daily basis.
It’s time for govt to take proactive action against this menace ravaging the health sector.

The nonchalant attitude and negligence to duties in public health sector is deadly and if not curb now, it may degenerate to a point where angry mob may harm some health workers or burnt down hospital for causing untimely death to many who could have be saved should many public health officer are on their toes.

This is my second experience if not third in the Oleh central Hospital and I deemed it fit to bring it here as to whom may be concerned may take it from here.

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