By Zik Gbemre,


It is common knowledge that under the PDP thieving hegemony over Delta state since 1999, the populace have suffered worsening misgovernment.

However, before the cabal catapulted Governor Sheriff Oborevwori to the top spot in Delta government, past misgovernment displayed by the ruling PDP was not a reflection of ineptitude and lack of leadership capacity.

The tragedy of Delta state under the two medical doctors, was induced by a combination of sheer abuse of power and influence of the office of the governor, a desperation to sustain that power after leaving the office and pressure of satisfying power brokers of the cabal.

These factors weakened the leaderships of these past governors into running primarily self seeking governments of filtering bulk of the commonwealth into their private pockets, share to the cabal and commit the crumps to shoddy projects hyped on the media to tame the largely deprived populace.

Painfully today, under Governor Oborevwori, the tragedy of Delta state is that the cabal has drifted into a new dimension of imposing the ignorant, most conceited, a hubris at the helms who manifestly displays the ‘Dunning-Kruger Effect’ in desperation to cover the ineptitude.

No matter how resonating the voice of the rental praise singers, it’s hard to hide inefficiency. Delta today is witnessing imbecilic governance because the blind is willfully made to rule the discerning. Only the hired praise singers will disagree with me.

Otherwise, how more can you define a shameless and kidergarten government than the current Delta State Government’s conspiracy that resulted in the March 14,2024 suspension for 14 days of opposition lawmaker representing Ughelli North Constituency I, Hon. Matthew Omonade in the Delta State House of Assembly?

That a bill presented by Omonade was not allowed to see light of the day by yet another misfit Speaker Emomotimi Guwor, found its way to the floor of the House as an Executive Bill. And for daring to question such robbery of his intellectual property, Omonade who is Chairman, House Committee on Public Petitions, was suspended, for a concocted ‘gross misconduct’.

The conspirators in the House alleged the suspended lawmaker “willfully and falsely perverted the proceedings of the House on May 8, 2024”, House Leader, Emeka Nwaobi, citing violation of the standing order and rules of the House.

A principal member of the House, among multiple sources had confirmed that Omonade was suspended for challenging the House over his bill that was plagiarized and for asking that the bill be withdrawn.

“He prepared a bill on electricity generation and distribution in Delta State and forwarded to the Speaker, Guwor, to be listed for reading in December 2023, but he refused to enlist the bill. Surprisingly, the bill came to the floor of the House as an executive bill, copied word for word with all mistakes duplicated in it.

“He (Omonade) protested that the bill he gave to the Speaker, which he refused to list, could not be turned into an Executive Bill without giving him the credit he deserved. He then moved that the bill be withdrawn.

“But rather than acknowledge him, his action was seen as a slap on the face of the Speaker and the House, so he was suspended for 14 days. That was exactly what happened”.

Apparently intimidated by the impunity in his suspension, Omonade, rather cry out, has chosen to cover up the huge scandal as “in-house matter that would soon be resolved.”

So for those fighting me as being too critical of the Village Champion Governor, who does that? That, with the bloated State Executive Council of several Commissioners and Special Assistants, Special Advisers and Senior Special Advisers of duplicated duties, none is fit to help Gov Oborevwori articulate a genuinely reformist Executive Bill for a law to move the state forward.

Of course, the only Executive Bill Oborovwori’s State Executive Council would be capable of writing is to reproduce his predecessor’s budget proposals, change the title, dates, figures and signature to come up with another unrealistic budget to be padded with supplementary allocation before it runs out.

So, in the failure to articulate an Executive Bill, Oborevwori had to copy and paste for presentation to the House, a bill originated by an opposition lawmaker who wasn’t allowed to claim his glory.

So who will still argue with me when I say the Village Champion Governor is surrounded by dead wood, spent politicians and sons and charlatans daughters of political leaders with hardly any mentoring or administrative tutelage or work experience to handle the executive offices they have been assigned on compassionate engagement?

The role played by Speaker Guwor further supports the evil cabal’s deliberate imposition of a mediocre government on the people, not just with the Governor and his cosmetic aides but also with the State Legislature. It is only in Delta state that power sharing among ethnic blocs is so abused that a first termer House of Assembly member is made Speaker to preside and apportion roles to ranking 2nd or Third termers.

I think there is no longer any doubt about it. Delta is under the choke of a kindergarten government with a conceited Village Champion at the helms, period. The ‘attack dogs’ will never agree. This is another food for thought for them.

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