Health: CODAF, SAHCI Create Awareness On Cervical Cancer And STI In Ughelli

By Treasure Wisdom,

Non-Governmental Organisations, Community Development Advocacy Foundation, CODAF, and Sisters Against HIV and Cancer Initiative, SAHCI, have described cervical cancer as a deadly and harmful disease that kill slowly.

Speaking in a One-Day Public Health Awareness, Workshop with the theme : STI, Cervical Cancer &You, the Executive of SAHCI, Ibitola Ogechi Esther said, “We came together with CODAF to create an awareness for the young women and the male because most of them do not have the knowledge of Cervical Cancer and STi.
And with this public health awareness where people have been put together know the health status the risk of contacting STI, HIV and Cervical Cancer will really help them to know the state of health because in every situation, if one is not infected, one is affected.
HIV is not a deadly disease, it is just a virus that one can get in contact with and a lot of people get discriminated because they are HIV positive, if in a family a HIV test is carried out, you would find out one or two persons might be positive and that’s was why we say if one is not infected, one is affected.
According to Ibitola, “Cervical Cancer is a deadly and very harmful  that kill slowly and it is mostly contacted by women through Human Papillomavirus, HPV, and we get to know that lot of women do not have the knowledge that cervical cancer because they feel once they begin to have the symptoms they would think it to be STI not knowing that Cervical cancer and STI work hand in hand.
“Human Papillomavirus and Cervical cancer are sexual transmitted infection  and nobody can have Cervical cancer without Human Papillomavirus HPV and my advice to the young women and man is that they should go to the hospital for proper screening and therapy
“Symptoms of cervical cancer are heavy bleeding during menstrual cycle, abnormal flow, discharge  smell flow and lower back pains and possible HIV if not properly treated could lead to Cervical cancer.” Ibitola revealed.
On his part, the Executive Director of CODAF, Mr. Benin Richard said, “This one day Public Health Awareness came at the right time for the people.
So many people have gone to the hospital to be diagnosed wrongly of different ailment, infections and diseases probably because of self medications without knowing the actual cause of their ailment.
“Health is Wealth and i am appealing to our people mostly the young women and men to use this opportunity to avail themselves the opportunity to always go and seek medical attention from qualified medical personnel.”

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