Emede/Igbide Crisis: A Shame/Disgrace To The Isoko Nation-Dieseruvwe

Former Director General of the Delta State Traffic Management Agency, DESTMA, Olorogun Stephen Dieseruvwe has the described the current happenings between Emede and Igbide communities in Isoko South local Government Area of Delta State as a disgrace to Isoko nation.

In a statement on his facebook account, the Urhobo traditional chief said,

“Not too long ago, it was alleged that Igbide attacked Emede, which resulted to many deaths and countless number of houses burnt. The crisis led to the suspension of the Kings and President Generals of the the two communities by the State Government, and within two weeks, the suspension was lifted.

On hearing what appears to me to be a retaliatory attack yesterday, Thursday 14th January 2021 in which over 20 houses were burnt at Igbide, including that of the PDP Chairman of Igbide, who also doubles as the PDP Chairman of Chairmen in Isoko South LGA, I sent a team for on the spot assessment. The damage done, and the report received is to say the least, shameful and disgraceful, seeing Isoko neighbours destroying properties and taking lives. The question to ask is, why did the State Government hastingly lift the suspensions on the Kings and President Generals of Emede and Igbide, with a thorough security report?

Unconfirmed and unverified report points the attack to the doorsteps of some influential ‘politicians’. This should also be one of the reference points of investigation and any ‘politician’ found to be culpable in this dastardly act, MUST be brought to book. There MUST not be any sacred cows.

Information also reaching me, indicates that, there is tension brewing between Enwhe and Olomoro (my maternal home town) on the same land issue that has caused enormous damage at Emede and Igbide. I am using this medium to call on the Delta State Government to immediately wade into the Enwhe/Olomoro crisis, with the aim of nipping it in the bud. A stitch in time saves nine. The Chief Security Officer of Delta State should used a fraction of the ‘unaccounted for’ monthly security vote in tackling these security challenges.

Enough of the senseless killings in Isokoland. Let’s embrace peace and be our brothers keeper. STOP THE CARNAGE.


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2 Thoughts to “Emede/Igbide Crisis: A Shame/Disgrace To The Isoko Nation-Dieseruvwe”

  1. Ovonomo

    God bless you sir, some big people in Emade who was supposed to tell the youth in Emade to stop the violence went and bought guns, dinamite for the youth and even hired people from Ijaw, agatu even people from same Isoko to fight Igbide people. My question is what have Igbide do to the Isoko community as a whole that they are against them? On this attack that happen nobody is saying anything about it, a man was kill, both legs, hands and head even his manhood was removed, still Isoko People will said IGBIDE TOO DEY FINE TROUBLE AND THEM TOO LIKE WAR may God help and Protect IGBIDE people from every Emade and Enwhen people Amen

  2. Julius Young

    Igbide has never attacked Enwhe and Emede at any time. Igbide was attacked first and in self defence chased them into their community. The Igbide that I know will never be the first to attack any neighbouring community. They are peace loving and God fearing people. It was Emede that broke the recent peace initiative of the IDU by attacking Igbide from the Oteri axis and even engaged the peace keeping Nigerian Army in a face to face gun battle. The Army was witness to that event of 4th of March 2021. I further call on the state government to profer a lasting solution to these repated crisis in Isoko nation to ensure a lasting peace between neighbouring communities.
    Any community that breaks the peace efforts of the state government should be sanctioned by all communities in Isoko land. This is my take on this matter. God bless Isoko nation.

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