Dividends of democracy entails good education, health and infrastructural development for our people- Unuezi

Isoko House of Representative hopeful, Edafe Unuezi Oduh speaks to Grandball Joel on why he is contending with others for the seat. Why he is the bridge between the young and old in Isoko nation. ADP is the only party that can deliver the Isoko Nation from PDP.
What can you say about Edafe Unuezi Oduh who is aspiring for the House of Representative to represent the Isoko people?
Simple, and easy going gentle man.
Sir, why you want contest for House of Representatives in Isoko and your chances of clinching the ticket to fly under a new party,the ADP?
I am contesting because we are tired of power recycling with same ideology. This is the where youths are to participate in leadership position and I have decided to run under the ADP with new vision and ideology and the constitution of the party is in line with me.
We can’t be clamoring for progress why the same people are in position, if change must come then new breed need to emerge as leaders.
As a youth, what are the new things you will bring to your constituents if eventually you emerge as the HoR Member in 2019?
My mission is to bring in the dividend of democracy to the grassroots. The dividends of democracy that entails good education, health, infrastructure and a conducive for our people and foreign investor in Isoko land.
What are your chances or what makes you to believe that you can outwit your opponents from the APC, or the PDP to represent the Isoko at the Federal House of Reps
Because I believe strongly that in life, there are phases and stages, and my ideology is different from theirs. And talking about the opponent from the PDP, he has been in that position for past 16yrs and the Isoko people can’t figure out his impact in the society, and as for the APC, I believe they were all one party which doesn’t change the image of who you are.
Therefore I stand a better opportunity because the grassroots need a representative that they can relate with them.
Your party, the ADP is new in Isoko what is the conviction that the people will key into its ideology and your vision?
Well I don’t believe that the party is new at this point because it has been accepted by the Isoko people and the party has been able to establish itself in the land, therefore ADP is a house hold name in Isoko Nation.
Some are saying, that you will eventually step down for other of your opponents as time goes on what can you say about that?
I don’t know where people are getting their information or views from. If a man will stand to contest under a party that was not know in Isoko and was able to establish the party and today people are in love with the party that means the man is likable by the people so what make some feels I am going to step down for my opponent, I shall see them at the field.
Few day ago, another contender,Hon Joel Onowakpor defected from PDP to APC and he has declared interest to run for the House of Repeating, what did you see to that?
That is not a problem, because same man was in PDP and couldn’t make positive impact, so of what impact is he going to make in APC, it is good that people are coming out with their own ideology; we leave it for the Isoko to make their choice
Did you nursed the ambition to represent Isoko people before you were engaging on road repairs and so many other things in the time past in Isoko mostly in Oleh.
Whatever we did in the Isoko was on my Foundation and we have partners, while  my ambition is different from humanitarian services to the society.
Thank you for the time sir.
You are welcome

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