Delta PMAN Warns Danganji Group and Others To Stay Away from State

By Omoghene Benedict,


Delta state Chapter of the Performing Musician and Employers Association, PMAN has warned the factional group headed by Alhajia Danganji to stay away from Delta state as it would take legal process to curb her working committee from causing confusion in the state.

Reacting to the crisis bedeviling the national body of the union, Governor of PMAN, Delta state chapter, Comrade Qunicy Tebite Dtisio said, “There are crisis everywhere, even governments has crisis and in various associations there are crisis and there is no doubt that the Performing Musicians and Employers Association of Nigeria, PMAN is not in any way exempted from it.

“We have crisis within the union that should not warrant the springing up of other groups rather than finding a lasting solution to the current one, If anyone identify some problems within the union, such should be channeled through the right process and not coming up with other groups that would cause more harm to the national body of Association.

“The national body of PMAN has crisis in terms of leadership but one thing we against is the idea of people springing out to say they are heads of the union in a way of creating factions which is not the solution to problems. If you identify some problems within the union channel them through the right process, chip in your aggression and the recognized the legal body put in place will come to a round table to resolve.

“To us we are aware that apart from the legal body we have in place under the leadership of Bombastic Uncle P. Okwudili as our leader and president with over 26 governors of the union recognized, any other group or factions that are spring up are illegal and they should stay away from Delta state, because we are one.

“Delta PMAN is very much aware that a faction led by Alhajia Dangaji is going from state to state to inaugurate parallel executive to cause more confusion and we are ready to resist her illegal entry to Delta State. She was a party to the present administration of Bombastic Uncle P as our leader and president and we see no reason why she would be bent on causing more harm than good.

“We have a constitution that governs the system, so I would say that her attempt to infiltrate other state is known, and she should stay away from Delta state, Delta state is never like that, we don’t have factions in Delta state and if she ever attempt any of such moves, we will legally move to curb her working committee or whatever name she gives her body. We will resist any of her attempts to come and infiltrate the state.

“Simply because she is married to a military man, and a one time president does not make her to be the president. We are in democratic era and for you to become a president, it requires democratic elections where the various chapters will elect you to be president and not otherwise”

“There is one faction headed by Pretty Okafor claiming to have gotten a judgment from an industrial court in Ibadan which the legal body has appealed to set aside that judgment and until it is proved beyond reasonable doubt, you cannot say another body is legal”.

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