Delta PDP Social Media Practitioners Laments Poor Treatment In Ughelli North


BY Daniel Atarhe



In this last festive season, Austin Ayemidejor donated 38 bags of rice each to 20 DESIEC wards in Sapele LGA. One bag of rice each to all his media team with other lofty packages.

Assuming a bag of rice cost #15,000, Chief Ayemidejor would have spent 11.4 million on rice distribution to 20 DESIEC wards of Sapele alone.

In Ughelli North, our supposed potential governor candidate and Afiesere born billionaire only contributed #400,000 (four hundred thousand naira only) for the purchase of rice gift in the local government area. A local government that pride herself as the largest in Delta State and also parade the highest number of leaders among the comity of other LGAs.

Where I’m driving to in summary?

What Ayemidejor donated to a DESIEC ward in Sapele is far higher than what our Afiesere billionaire gave to his entire local government as a gift in the last yuletides assuming all conditions are equal.

The LGA based social media team, PUNSMET comprising of 26 man didn’t see a grain of rice from the party, leaders, elected office holders, political appointees or the local government authority during the yuletides

These are people we promote on daily basis as leaders and want us to promote as leaders beyond. They cannot recommend you for anything good at the state that’s if they remember loyalist exist after elections and appointments.

Now let’s be sincere with ourselves, if they present Ayemidejor and our Afiesere brother before us come 2023 who do you think we will choose? I believe your guess is as good as mine.

All the youths that got appointed into Okowa’s administration or made one committee or the other within the social media community in Delta state was recommended by one influential leader or the other from their LGA. Leaders fought for their own to book a place why is our case different in Ughelli North?

Ughelli North has some of the finest media advocates well known at the state but required little push to get to their desired place in the state politics but this “myself and my family syndrome” leaders that dominate Ughelli North couldn’t let their own progress.

We are watching but time will be of the essence where we will remind every leader that loyalty is not slavery, loyalty is not chain or bondage. Time may come when unrewarded loyalty will build rebellion and the book of every politician will open.

I remain Daniel Atarhe.

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