Written By Emmanuel Agbubi


On Saturday 6, March, 2021 can’t be forgotten in a hurry for the delibrate DISFRANCHISEMENT of Deltans to elect their leaders at the third tier of our Democratic Institution (Local Government) by the Delta State Independent Electoral Commission, DSIEC.

I woke up early in the morning to catch up the distribution of electoral materials at my Distribution Center in Agbarha-Otor town hall before joining other faithfuls electorates to our various polling units to excersice my Civil Rights as an adult citizen and a registered voters to cast my vote for my preferred candidate.

I began to suspect foul play when the voting materials arrived through unusual route without a vehicle to convey DSIEC AD-HOC staff and materials to the various polling units. As soon as the voting materials arrived as at various PDP agents received all election materials instead of ad-hoc staff and left with motorcycles. My own unit 12 was received by my uncle and cousins who are die-hard PDP faithfuls in my community under the supervision of a former Council Chairman.

Some hours past, I accompanied a friend to go and cast his vote in my mother community, surprisingly we drove past over five polling unit with no sign of Election, at unit 7 of Edoide Community some elderly persons were under two canopy waiting for election materials to vote but don’t see materials. At my mother’s Community in Otorogba Community not a single person seen at the primary school to vote as all the villager were seen all over the town waiting for voting materials to arrive.

As at I decided to join my kings-men in unit 12 of Awirhe community to cast my vote, but surprisingly when I got there the two polling units 12 & 13 at the Ibru Primary School there was no single person there and I am aware of when my uncle and cousins left with voting materials over four hours ago for a less than 26 minutes drive journey. I waited for some time without materials and DSIEC AD-HOC STAFF for me to cast my vote so I left disappointedly feeling disfranchised by DSIEC.

In Agbarha Wards in Ughelli North LGA, to the best of my Godly knowledge as a baptised Baptist Church member of the Nigeria Baptist Convention, NBC, I only saw the election materials at the Distribution Center but nor was seen at any polling unit. God is aware of my report so I believe the trending polling units photographs are not true or from the right channel in the right manner.

In all glory be to God.

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