DELTA AT 28: Edevbie Felicitates With Okowa, Deltans


Chief of Staff to Delta state governor, Olorogun David Edevbie has felicitated with the state governor, Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa and the people of the state as Delta state celebrates its 28 years of creation.

In a statement signed by Edevbie, he charged Deltans to work with fairness and equity and culture, remain one Delta bound in freedom even as they challenges.

He said, “It is an honour for me to extend my warmest greetings to all Deltans at home and in the diaspora on the auspicious occasion of our 28th anniversary. Certainly, irrespective of the challenges we are facing as a state, today is a day of joy for us.

“I am particularly elated that despite today’s challenges, this anniversary day celebration will provide an opportunity for us to come together once more irrespective of our ethnic and political affiliation to reflect on the true state of our dear State in an attempt to revisit the brave effort of those who fought for the creation and rights that characterises the state today.

“Today 28 years after the creation of our state, if we examine our subsequent journey, we would find that our state has seen major changes and challenges,

Despite all, we have drawn strength in our diversity.

“Considering our multi-ethnic diversity, culture, religious beliefs we remain one Delta bound in freedom as we face these challenges.

“Also, is worthy to note the resolute nature of Deltans (both young and old) in the political affairs of the state who work tirelessly for fairness and equality.

“I must commend the contributions of these citizens who are now more enlightened and demand more from their representatives, and accordingly more from their politicians and Government.

Olorogun David Edevbie
Chief of Staff to Delta State Government

“Even though, we may not always agree on issues, but for the sake of the state we always work together in harmony for a better Delta where we can all express our opinion freely. This is the essence of our anniversary that we celebrate yearly.

“I solemnly acknowledge the need for us as leaders to make sacrifices in the interest of the state.

According to Edevbie, “Nation building is not limited to government alone; every citizen has a role to play by complementing government’s efforts and keeping vigilant at all times against dangers posed by those who have continued to undermine our unity and peaceful coexistence.

“I will continue to work with progressives who believe in a government of the people, by and for the people to keep the dreams, hopes and aspirations of the people alive. 

“I remain upbeat about the Delta project, as Chief of Staff to the Delta state Governor, I will use this opportunity to meet with Delta youths to garner their suggestions and contributions to state building .

“As we reflect, and celebrate our 28th anniversary, we must remember to keep hope alive by dedication to service, courage to uplift the state at all times and the supreme sacrifices for our common prosperity”.

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