Billy Egbe Writes On How Delta APC N7M Social Media Money Was Distributed

By Billy Oghenebrume Egbe


The Legislative Aide to the Deputy Senate President, Mr. Billy Oghenebrume Egbe has revealed how a Seven Million naira largess sent to the Delta State All Progressive Congress,  APC, Social Media Boys was mismanaged and has degenerated into confusion.

Though the source of the money was not revealed but Billy in his facebook handle, Billy Oghenebrume Egbert narrated that, the cash was sent to a faction of the party.

He said,  “7 million naira was sent to a faction of the APC in Delta State as ‘shiagware’ for youths who are actively defending the APC from negative press and propaganda over the sociopolitical crisis that erupted from the #EndSARS crisis.

“The money has been shared to selected Youths with some getting between 20-100k while the bulk of the money was hoarded by those who received it from Abuja. The money is to support those who are defending APC from media onslaught over the sociopolitical crisis that erupted from the #EndSARS protest.

“I am making this known here so that anyone who is also aware of this money will not look at me, Billy, with ‘one kine eye’.

“I did not partake in the sharing at all. I didn’t even bother to ask the person who disbursed the money. He didn’t call me and I didn’t bother to call to enquire about how the money was shared. This is just to put the records straight because there are rumors in some quarters that I was given part of that money. It is not true.

“I am challenging anyone with proof to come and present it. As far as my views on this #EndSARS protest are concerned, my social media handles through which I share these views are NOT FOR SALE. I have been spending my own resources to manage the information and misinformation here.

Billy Oghenebrume Egbe Facebook Post


“Please disconnect my name from the sharing of 7 million naira by some Delta APC Media Committee Members. I see such as blood money and I will never partake in its sharing. I believe that our actions in this crisis must be influenced by our genuine convictions instead of monetary inducements”. Thank you.

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