Apple reveals gender-pay difference at UK operations

Apple Inc said on Tuesday that men earned five per cent more on average than women at its UK operations, although the median pay gap was two per cent in favour of women.

Apple’s report comes a day before the deadline for British employers with more than 250 staff to report their gender pay gap under new regulations.

The iPhone maker said the gender pay gap was due to more men in senior positions than women which led to higher pay, bonuses and stock.

Apple said 30 per cent of its workforce in the UK was represented by women, with the number having risen from 28 per cent in 2014.

The company employs more than 6,000 workers in the UK and operates in three segments – Apple (UK) Ltd, Apple Europe Ltd and Apple Retail UK Ltd.

The company said it would take a number of measures to close the gaps, such as to stop asking employees for their salary history, which it will start from this year.

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