ALHAJI IBRAHIM ABUBBAKAR BATATI: A True Friend, Father And  Guardian To All Native Sons Of Niger Delta

By Papems Peter Etolor


A proverbial Pearl of wisdom can be referenced upon a man who is narrow of vision, cannot be big of heart. This can be emphasised upon the biblical story of a man severely beaten and robbed, yet helplessly overlooked by his own people who glaringly watched as the helpless man silently yearned for help in his drenching pains. Instead, it took a Samaritan whom the Jews including the Pharisees, Sadducees and levites saw as an arch rival to care for the wounded stranger.

In this case, one can easily point out Alhaji Ibrahim Abubbaka Batati, as the Good Samaritan who has enormously given Sourtheners a sense of belonging in a distrusting and chaos nation. He has proven to be very reliable , trustworthy and effortlessly selfless in helping the nation correct the wrongs of injustice. Clearly, Batati has proven to be a bridge builder and a promise keeper and therefore not surprising to see leaders from the Niger Delta going over to pay courtesy visits whenever they get the chance, as recently seen when the newly elected president of IYC Mr Jonathan Lokpobiri and other notable Ijaw leaders paid a solidarity visit to his abode.

His actions was seen when he went over the south and the whole country to preach the gospel and mandate of our dear president HE Ahmed Bola Tinubu, under the guise of National APC supporter center where he won so many of our young brains heart in believing on the transformative mandate of our dear president and his vice. His blueprint was also felt in the electoral contest of the senate presidency where he went headlong against his own kinsman Abdulaziz Yari former governor of Zamfara state by drumming grassroots support for a southerner and a Niger Deltan, Godswill Akpabio in the sake of moral equity, fairness and justice.

This has shown that, Alhaji Ibrahim Abubbaka Batati, thrives for others to succeed, his philanthropic contributions can be felt on young sons of Niger Delta who spoke truth against the Ndiomu led leadership of the Presidential Amnesty Program for eliminating scholarship program and was suspended and their academic dreams led to ruins, but for a man who have shown extraordinary love for education, Alhaji Batati single-handedly provided money to help these young sons of Niger Delta to complete their studies even when other Niger Delta leaders of the region chose to stay mute over the unjustifiable treatment meted upon by the megalomaniac leadership of the PAP.

Alhaji Ibrahim Abubbaka Batati has become a true friend, a father and guardian to all native sons of the Niger Delta, his path has provided means for others to shine. He is clearly worthy of mention and numerated upon as he has shown that friendship with the North can be genuinely true and peaceful.

Alhaji Abubbaka Batati, has shown that angels can be found in humans. Congratulations once more for making the top ten support group all over Nigeria behind Tinubus presidency. May your effort never be in vain.

Papems Peter Etolor
A Native Son Of Niger Delta

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