9 year old with tumor of the face, over seven hundred others get free medical treatments in Utagba-Uno

By Omamuzo Efidhere

Determined to promote good health practices amongst Nigerians, the Elohim Ministries International (USA) a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) have recently provided free medical treatment to a nine year old boy with face tumor and over seven hundred indigent indigenes of Utagba-Uno and environs.

The third edition of the free medical outreach organized in Nigeria yearly was held in Utagba-Uno in memory of the Late Chief Dr. Jessie Ukamaka Onogwuwe, mother of the President/Founder of Elohim Ministries International (USA) Brenda Ome Ekuo-Akpodiete, who passed on twenty years ago. The event kicked off at Ndueze Primary School with free movies for adult and children, free giveaways and free raffle draw. High point of day two nights was the revival/praise session featuring gospel singer, Chioma Jesus as the guest artist.

The joy of the residents of Utagba-Uno and environs knew no bounds, thumbs up was on the finger of all as they were treated to free medical consultation, free blood pressure screening, free blood sugar check, free blood test, free drugs, free vision check/glasses, free dental checkup/cleaning, free manicure/pedicure, free facial/makeup, free message, free hair cut and free counseling/prayer/bibles. Fielding questions from news men, a resident simply identified as Mrs. Doris, stated that Utagba-Uno boast of one health centre with a nurse on standby but with no equipment. And in the case of emergency they have to travel to Kwale before they can be attended to by a doctor.


Speaking during the three day event, Brenda Ome Ekuo-Akpodiete, who is a registered nurse in the USA stated that she decided to engage in providing free medical treatment yearly because research has proven that a lot of people in Nigeria have so many health challenges but are unable to see the doctor when they fall ill or go for medical checkup as regularly as is required or get medical help because of financial constraints “that is why people are dying from illnesses that require simple treatment”.

On his part Dr. Itobore Fred, accompanied by Dr. Sweet Pender, Dr. Obi Anthony, Dr. Elijah and Dr. Obi Christopher stressed the need for people to introduce the habit of regular checkup into their routine. According to him “early intervention still remains the secret to living long amongst the elites while ignorance, carelessness and poverty are the major reason why indigent people die daily from illnesses that are treatable.


“Some of the middle-aged patients we attended to had blood sugar level of about 300 and above, high blood pressure level higher than normal, almost ruptured hernia and appendicitis and did not know either because of ignorance of such diseases or did not care about their health enough when they had clinical symptoms that are regarded as emergency cases in any hospital. He however promised to follow up those who were referred to specialist hospital for immediate operation as this could not be done in the field, and charged others to follow the prescription, take the drugs regularly, watch what they eat, for the elderly reduce the quantity of food “with that health is wealth”.

In the course of free vision check Dr. Adogbeji Stephen, Dr. Mrs. Akponyoma Oghenetare and Dr. Akpokona Cooke provided temporal relief for ten years old Ogio Bright who desperately needs cornea transplant on both eyes as a result of measles that was not treated properly and eighteen year old Uju who have bilateral cataract and needs cataract surgery to help her restore her vision back amongst others. They advised mothers based on Uju’s case to avoid malnutrition, drinking, smoking, taking self medication, and other life styles that could affect the fetus negatively.

Dr. Adogbeji Stephen attending to patient
Dr. Adogbeji Stephen attending to a patient

In the same vein, Dr. Chuks Nwaka, the head dental surgeon and his team gave complete set of artificial teeth to an elderly man who has lost all his teeth amongst others. According to the man this has affected his nutrition as he could no more eat food that is chewable. They employed the use of high tech machines for scaling, polishing and washing of teethes of indigent indigenes that had poor oral hygiene, performed oral surgery but had to refer nine year old Mezie who had face tumor to a specialist hospital for immediate surgery with the President/Founder of Elohim Ministries International (USA) Brenda Ome Ekuo-Akpodiete, promising to foot all medical expenses.

Some beneficiaries of the free medical mission
Some beneficiaries of the free medical mission

The doctors who promised to partner with Elohim Ministries International (USA) next year to see how they can reach out to more people charged government, organizations, and Nigerians who have the means to affect the indigent in their environment positively.

The three day event ended with a thanksgiving service at St. Stephen Anglican Church, Utagba-Uno with free giveaways.

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