One man who is classified as extremely humble but is a general Marsha in the Lord’s vineyard, is Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Anthony Mario Ozele, a Priest of the Catholic Diocese of Warri. A man of God who has travelled round the world preaching and teaching God’s word. A man who dedicate 100% of his time to doing God’s work and taking care of the need of God’s people.

In meeting Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Anthony Mario Ozele for the first time, one will hardly believe he is the great man of God known all over the world. This is because he is simple, humble and and unassuming. He does not go about with police or any kind of guards.



A humble person is someone who is not proud or haughty, not arrogant or assertive. He spends time listening to others, Practice mindfulness, and focus on the present, grateful for what he has, ask for help when there is need, Seeks feedback from others on a regular basis, review his actions against the language of pride.

Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Anthony Mario Ozele is the true definition of a humble person.


General is a title and rank of a senior army officer, usually one who commands units larger than a regiment or its equivalent or units consisting of more than one arm of the service.

A general has so much power and authority. He gives commands and directives. Like an Army general who has so much authority and power backed by government, Very Rev Fr. Dr. Anthony Mario Ozele is a general in the Lord’s vineyard. A man with so much power and authority to command in line with God’s directive.


A Gods General is someone that takes ownership of the invitation from Christ to pursue His plan for their lives. A general in the lord’s army takes instructions from God, take full ownership of this calling and live in God’s glory and excellence.

In Fr. Ozele, you see a man whose life God has taken full ownership and is living in full glory and excellence
Fr. Ozele teachers the word of God with so much authority and conviction matched with so many miracles and testimonies of God using him to glorify His name.


Fr. Ozele’s 30 years of ministry has been dedicated to teaching and educating people in the way of God, Winning souls for Christ and repopulating God’s kingdom, resisting the gates of hell and pulling people out of its clutches, anointing the sick and praying for their healing, leading sinners to repentance and to embrace God’s love, mentoring people and directing them to God, being a father figure to young priests and encouraging vocations, being the voice of the voiceless, counseling couples and supporting families, refreshing souls within and outside the Catholic faith through Media outreach and publications, standing strong even in the face of trails and tribulations in the journey, calling christians out to let us go to spiritual war, and lots more.


Very Rev. Fr. Prof. Mark Omorovie Ikeke will discribe Fr. T “as one of God’s mightiest general, a man amongst men, reliable and trustworthy. Loving, caring, compassionate and kind.”


Mrs. Roseline Ikimi:
“I remember when Fr. Ozele came to Lagos to preach a retreat in my parish for the first time some years ago. The church was overflowing with worshippers both Catholics and non Catholics. When spirit moved him, people were screaming, falling and rolling over. That was my first experience of the Holy Spirit. This man of God called Anthony is not proud, he does not show off”.

Odozi Emmanuel:
“When I was about 9 years in primary 4, anytime we had test or exams in school, from the day before I will fall sick but immediately after the exams I will get well, this continued till when I was 15 years old. My mum took me to Fr. Ozele’s Parish in Aragba then. He prayed for me and that was the end of such sickness till today”.

Mr. Alex Okeke:
“Papa is an angel sent to the Church of God in Nigeria, Africa and in fact to the whole world. I was going to leave Roman Catholic Church in the year 1999 because I had a deep hunger for God and his word. But God led me to encounter Papa. From the time I encountered him till date, God has been using me as an instrument in his vineyard.”

The Anachebe: “Every devout Catholic, non Catholic and a true follower of Christ embedded with the gift of discernment who has lived in the south, other geo-political zones in Nigeria and those in diaspora can attest to the fact that Rev. Fr. Tony Mario Ozele is a priest, role model, mentor and a spiritual father.

He is ordained by God to do his work and bring good tidings unhindered in selflessness and humility to meek and broken hearted

Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Anthony Mario Ozele is a Priest of the Catholic Diocese of Warri, Nigeria, was ordained a Catholic Priest on 12th December 1992. He has travelled all over the world and currently, he is the Parish Priest of Saints Peter & Paul Catholic Church Ughelli, Delta State, Nigeria.

Fr. Ozele as you mark 30 years as a priest in the order of Melchizedek, it’s my humble prayer that Christ Jesus who called you and had been your High Priest, should continue to strengthen and empower you

Happy 30th Priestly Anniversary to a general in the Lord’s vineyard

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