By Andrew Darah JP


I will begin these few lines of mine by drawing our attention to a voice audio that has been in circulation relating the voice of the PDP presidential candidate Atiku, His running mate Okowa and Tambuwal.

In the audio it was affirmed by three of them that it will be extremely difficult to rig this election.

The said Audio may be fake as attested and explained by an expert in Lagos, but we are compered to doubt the position of the said expect because one of their arrangements in the audio was to find a way to bribe all INEC officials from top to bottom and yesterday Hon. Chinyere Igwe (Member, House of Representatives) was arrested in Port Harcourt with over Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($500,000.00) which he claimed was given to him by Atiku to ensure his electoral success in Rivers State.

The document found on him shows how they planned to share and the amount to give to INEC and Security personnel.
Though an expert already pointed out and made us believe that the audio is fake, but the recent happening speak otherwise.

In all of these, one thing is certain, our votes will count this time and it will be difficult to ring the election as already indicated.

I want us to draw strength from the continuous assurance given by our President, Muhammadu Buhari, The INEC Chairman Mahmoud Yakubu and other security personnel that this election will be free, fair, peaceful and violence free, and there will be No intimidation, No molestation and No snatching of ballot boxes.

That we should come out and exercise our civic responsibility and vote our preferred candidates for president, for Senate and for House of Representatives today Saturday 25th February, 2023.

From the above, it is very clear that it’s not going to be business as usual and there is no need saying I will not waste my precious time because my vote will not count. This time our votes will count so let’s come out and vote for our choice candidate.

Permit me to draw our attention to the situation faced by the children of Israel in the hands of the wicked King Pharaoh and how God sent Moses to rescue them. In rescuing the Israelites from the hands of the wicked King and taking them to the promised land, the children of Israel also had to play their parts individually and collectively by journeying with determination for years with Moses.

As it is today in this country, there is so much suffering in the land and we need a leader with the right mindset and ready to change the narrative. But we also have to play our parts so that the mission of rescuing this Nation from further cascading can be complete
We need a breath of fresh air because we are dying silently. Dying because many can no longer cope with the high rate of leaving. Food items so expensive, Fuel price on the high side and this has affected cost of transportation 100%. Banks has no money to give to costumers and those operating POS are not helping matters as they now charge N300 for every N1000 and some even charge N400 for N1000.

The poor tomatoes, grandnut, fruits, crayfish, and other petty traders who has no account can hardly make sales because most people now purchase most of the items they need using transfer or POS.

Seriously, we are currently at a crossroad and we need a leader to show us the way forward. We need a prudent leader, a principled person who has what it takes to lead. Someone who can solve our problems, a person with a proven record of fairness, honesty, and trust. Someone who has the proven capability and the drive to move us forward.

Someone who is committed and has the capacity to stop official corruption in this country.

A leader who is concerned about the welfare of Nigerians

Friend, as we go to the polls this morning take a moment out to think about the future of this country, think about the suffering and pains, think about the Owo massacre, think about the Lekki massacre, think about the Train Attack, think about Deborah’s lynching, think about 8 months ASUU Strike, think about fuel Scarcity and selling at 500 naira per litre of Fuel, think about 750 naira to $1 dollar, think about Kidnappings, think about Using Naira to buy Naira at a high rate, think about the thousands of Nigerians killed by Fulani herdsmen, think, think, think about the many Issues making the system not to work and then picture the kind of future that you want for yourself and for your children.

Go to the polls this morning with a positive mindset that having a good leader will make our dreams of a better Nigeria come true.

Let us keep a date with our destiny, and together let us make our dream of a new and a better Nigeria a reality
Stay safe, Vote right, and make sure your vote count.

Remember to comport yourself and be peaceful, but resist intimidations of any form.

Make use of the numbers of the security personnel provided if you sensed any manipulation or you are been molested in anyway.

Wishing us all the very best, and hoping for the best to be chosen today

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