iOS devs unite to challenge Apple’s App Store policies

A GROUP of iOS developers have formed The Developers Union, a “non-union union” that wants to challenge Apple’s current App Store policies.

“We believe that people who create great software should be able to make a living doing it,” the union, which is currently backed by more than 400 apps and 300 developers said on its website. “So we created The Developers Union to advocate for sustainability in the App Store.”

In an open letter addressed to Apple, the firm’s first request is that Apple allows free trials for all apps by the App Store’s 10th anniversary in July – at present, the firm only allows for free trials of subscription-based apps.

“Free trials are a great place to start and gather the momentum needed to create significant change,” the Developers Union Writes.

“Trials allow developers to show users their creation and establish value. Before iOS, Mac developers relied heavily on free trials, and they were able to make a living while making great software.”

Further, to help struggling developers earn more money, the union plans to ask for a “more reasonable revenue cut” than the 70-30 split Apple currently offers.

While Apple has been stubborn on the issue for many years, the group describes the issue as being “on top of developers’ minds”.

Apple made a partial concession, announcing back in 2016 that for app developers who have long-term paying subscribers, Apple will only take a 15 percent revenue cut after a year, rather than the standard 30 per cent.

In an interview with Wired, the team behind The Developers Union – which includes Brent Simmons (NetNewsWire creator), Jake Schumacher (App: The Human Storydocumentary maker), Loren Morris (product designer) and Roger Ogden (software designer) – said the aim is to gain a thousand members this week and 20,000 by early June, when Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference takes place.

“It’s a non-union union in a way,” Morris said. “I’m not super interested in creating a traditional union; I’m more interested in bringing the voice of indies back into the spotlight and this is a step in that direction.”

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