Fear God, Be Courageous To Vote Credible Aspirants During Primaries- Erhuvwu’R’Urhobo PG

By Akoza Ewomazino



Ahead of the the primary elections, the President General of UPU highly rated and respected social cultural organisation, Urhobo Youths Vision World wide known as Erhuvwu’R’Urhobo, Dr. Joel Edjutememuh has called on all delegates most especially Urhobo’s, in all political parties in the state to fear God, be wise and courageous to vote for credible people that have Urhobo, Delta State interest at heart as candidates for good governance.


Dr Joel Edjutememuh made the call at Ughelli, Ughelli north local government area while addressing newsmen on the need to the elect credible persons in the forthcoming 2023 general elections.


Dr Edjutememuh who stated that most of the problems regarding bad governance are caused by the delegates and corrupted leaders (caucus) who during primaries work for money, corruption instead of the best, right and credible aspirants for the purpose of good governance.


He further appealed to the conscience of all election officials delegates, leaders in Delta state, most especially the Urhobos to be courageous enough to resist evil temptations of money, loyalty to “Ogas” and vote for the right , and credible aspirants who has the interest of the entire people and who can deliver dividends of good government to Delta state.


“Delta and Urhobo have good, credible and visionary people who can transformed the state and Urhobo land to an enviable height.


“My dear election officials, delegates and leaders, as you proceed to the coming political parties primaries, I charge you all in the name of God and also appeal to your conscience to put both Urhobo and Delta state interest at heart.

“I want you, especially the delegates to be bold enough to work against evil perpetrators by voting people with good visions, transparent, accessible and capable as candidates”, Dr Joel Edjutememuh stated.

“You know who is who in the state and the contestants are all human being not spirits so as delegates, you all know them, please I am appealing to you and your conscience to vote wisely for a better tomorrow.


He therefore admonished all the political parties delegates and leaders to put trust in God first, then be courageous to for right and credible people according to your conscience and not to be influenced by their money to ensure good government come 2023.


Urhobo youths vision world wide otherwise known as Erhuvwu r’ Urhobo, wishes the very best for Delta State and Nigeria as all the political parties go for primaries in preparation for 2023 general elections.

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