Effective Leadership, Panacea To Africa’s Development- Dr. Nwafor

By Victor Bieni

A Lecturer and researcher, Department of human resource management, City University Cotonou, Dr. Simon Nwafor has said that the only way African Continent can develop is through effective Leadership.

Dr. Nwafor, the Delta State researcher who doubled as the Director of Students Affairs of the great institution spoke to our reporter in Asaba, Delta State Capital stated that Leadership is key factor in good governance and successful implementation of public sector mandate.

The University DON stated further that the answer to numerous questions on why African Leaders are yet to proferring solutions to the challenges of sustainable growth and development is as a result of her poor concept on Development.

He identified some of the African challenges of development and leadership to includes: lneffective Leadership, poor economic policies, poverty, poor infrastructures, low standard of living, religious bigotry, illiteracy, high mortality rate, political and economic instability.

Dr. Nwafor therefore opinned that the solutions to these Leadership problems is when African Leaders and African Continent as a multi- Cultural society stops to see development as an economic growth, but a multi- dimensional process involving economic as well as environmental changes, or sustantial increase in the quality of lives of citizens.

He admonished African Leaders to imbibe the spirit, testimony of good Leadership style, avoid authoritarianism, encourage economic and political stability, eliminate weak leadership qualities, discourage immigration policies that would promote terrorism, show leadership by example from top management cadre, encourage good Leadership style, eliminating weak Leadership qualities, and work for what is best for African unity and prosperity.

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