Crown University Gets Global Chartered Status From Government of USA


By Victor Bieni

The Vice Chancellor, Crown University International Chartered Inc. ( Ghana, Americas and other partner Campuses Worldwide), ( Formerly Crown University College, Accra Ghana, Professor Sir, Bashiru Aremu has Commended the Government of United States of America for granting the Institution global chartered status as Chartered body to offer both Academic, Technical and Professional courses Worldwide( all the countries of the World).

The VC disclosed this to our reporter today in a telephone conversation when asked the reason the higher Institution now bears a new name and to give more explanation on the benefits to the entire society.

According to the World renowned Professor of Computer Science,, Information Communication and Technoloy (ICT), Crown University College, Accra Ghana now Chartered University bears Crown University Intl. Chartered Inc. With chartered file number 7594662 that was filed at Office of Sectretary of State at City of Dover in State of Delaware USA ( Ghana, Americas and partner campuses world wide in accordance with the legal documents he received from the Secretary of State of Delaware USA, Jeffrey W Bullock that the University now has international, global chartered status to operate as internationally Chartered autonomous University in all the Countries of the World.

The VC defined the words “Chartered” and “Charter” according to Oxford dictionary: “Chartered is a written grant by the sovereign or legislative power of a country, by which a body such as a city, company, or university is founded or its rights and privileges, also defined: A charter is the grant of authority or rights, stating that the granter formally recognizes the prerogative of the recipient to exercise the rights specified.

He gave more explanation on the and benefits of the new development the Institution has gotten from US Government in his words: “Leaders of Crown University hope the new chartered university will be more than the sum of its parts. Leaders hope the new chartered university would be more successful in attracting both funding and new students.”

“Universities were chartered to award more own degrees and could within limits lay on whatever courses they liked. The existing non-profit corporations, chartered under the current United States of America Corporations Act, at first State ( State of Delaware) for example ‘In 1843, the Alfred school became an academy, and in 1857, it was chartered as Alfred University. The same thing applied to Harvard University as well so our International Chartered at Crown University will give us more power as Autonomous University”.

“Crown University International Chartered Inc. ( Ghana, Americas and partner campus world wide ) Formerly Known as Crown University College, Accra, Ghana is Higher Professional, Academic and Research Institutions incorporated in State of Delaware of United States of America as a Global University to offer Professional & Vocational Trainings and Higher Education through accredited Education internationally through affiliated Colleges/Study Centers to offer, teach and confer Diplomas, Advanced diplomas, Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees to candidates who successfully qualify for these awards.

“In terms of Professional and vocational disciplines Crown University International Chartered Inc. has been granted International Chartered from the Government of first State of United States of America ( State of Delaware) conveying full authority to Crown University International Chartered Inc. to grant Certificates, Diplomas, Higher Diplomas, Associate Degrees, Bachelor Degrees, Master and Doctorate degrees and Post- Doctorate Degrees as an Autonomous University”.

“The Crown University International Chartered Inc. ( Ghana, Americas and partner campus world wide ) Formerly Known as Crown University College, Accra, Ghana was established in 2011 at Accra in Ghana, The Crown University College, Accra, Ghana was properly registered and lincensed by Ministry of Education Ghana with full accreditation status as training
institution by the Council for Technical and Vocation Education and Training , Accra, Ghana, West Africa”. VC also commended effort of Dr Sir Sulaiman King Bachiesichang of Ghana as well and other members world wide

He Stated that the trustees decided another educational outreach program” to use the already existing infrastructure to establish Crown University International Chartered Inc. Country on the recommendations from members of International Academic Council and approval of World Grand Board of Trustees of Crown University International Chartered Inc which was incorporated at State of Delaware, United States of America, under the law of 1776.

To this end, Prof Aremu stated that Crown University International Chartered Inc, although based in Ghana and Americas but serves as an autonomous global university, offering higher education in professional and vocational disciplines to minimize unemployment in the world, that the courses are being taught as “On-campus studies” by 42 worldwide affiliated college in 22 countries taught by the experienced Lecturers, Instructors, Professors and Professionals.

Crown University Int’l Chartered Inc also partnered with Gregory University Uturu Abia State Nigeria, University of South Wales, West Coast University USA and partner campuses world wide, Summy State University Ukraine in Europe, Afriford University Republic of Benin and others on research and training and others to mentioned some

He added that University’s Legal Status is a full guarantee as it is well registered, licensed to operate as a Global University which offers academic and professional courses in Higher Education to grant Certificates, Diplomas, Higher Diplomas, Associate Degrees, Bachelor Degrees, Masters, Doctorate degrees and Post Doctorate degrees.

According to him, On-campus Studies: Apart from Ghana and South America campus that located at Argentina where their America’s Grand Provost office is located in person of Distinguished Professor Sir Dr Luis Abad the Institution now represent globally through its affiliates and study centers throughout the world.

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