Barbaric Murder of Nine Oleh Indigenes Was Unprovoked, We Call for Justice – Group



The Oleh United Front (OUF) has frowned on media reports that are attributing the killing of nine (9) Oleh indigenes and the abduction of three (3) others to communal clash between Oleh and Ozoro.

The group said the attack was unprovoked and that it was carried against the Oleh victims for reasons not known.

In a press statement jointly signed by the conveners of the group, Charles Mallam-Obi and Ewomazino Odugala and made available to newsmen, OUF said that Oleh is not at war or communal clash with Ozoro or any other community. The statement warns that no one should take the calmness of Oleh for cowardice by misrepresenting facts.

“We have read with serious disappointment the media coverage of the butchery of nine innocent indigenes of Oleh and the abduction of three others. Let it be on record that there was no war between Oleh and Ozoro. The victims of the callous and brutal murder were innocent daily workers, among whom were women and teenagers. They were ambushed and murdered in cold blood for reasons unknown to us.

“The narrative that there was a clash is false, alarming and a deliberate attempt to deceive the public. Let it be known that there is no dispute on the land were the Oleh people were mercilessly hacked to death, as the Oloro family of Oleh that owns the land has secured a court judgment years ago in Suit No. HCO/13/1982. We therefore, advise those spreading these fake rumours to call themselves to order and desist from further provoking the Oleh people.

“There have been boundary issues between families of both communities and we have never seen it as a battle between Oleh and Ozoro. Land disputes between Oleh and Ozoro have been there from time immemorial but as a community, Oleh has always taken peaceful means to resolve these issues. To interpret what happened as a communal clash between both communities that have lived as neighbours for centuries is the height of mischief and we seriously frown at it.

“The leadership of the community has been managing the irate youths since this incident happened. We are calling on the government to bring all involved in this dastardly act to justice to prevent any resort to self-help by the aggrieved families or their friends/sympathisers,” the statement said

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