Urhobo should support Ogboru, candidates with situational leadership styles in 2019-Ubiebor

Joel Grandball  & Omamuzo Efidhere

Ahead of the 2019 general elections in the country, an Estate Management consultant, Mr. Ufuoma Ubiebor has charged Urhobo sons and daughters to rally round and support Urhobo politicians that have genuine intentions to liberate the people from bad governance in Delta state and Nigeria.

Speaking to newsmen recently, Ubiebor disclosed that, “Before voting for any candidate, the electorates should look out for leaders with the right attitude in terms of their live style, not just to go and vote because they want people who will go there and bring money for them to share because it is not sustainable.

“We need  leaders that can handle and deal with situations properly because since the inception of democracy, our leaders have been using two leadership model to lead in the state, the transactional and transformational  leadership style and it has not been sustainable. there is need for us to have a shift in our leadership style.

According to him, “Our youths must look out for leaders with situational leadership models who can address situations and deal with situations properly the way they ought to be,so that they can be result oriented. the electorate need to a do private background check on their live style, find out if they are business oriented, entrepreneurs or just politicians and people who just want to go there because they want to make money.

My advice to the youths is that they need to stay focused. they should not jump because someone is giving them money to assassinate the character of another candidate during election time because those that will use them will abandon them and the future will be bleak for them and the next generation to come. They should have a rethink and vote for those who they know would do the right thing.

Commending the Nigerian youths for waking up before 2019, Ubiebor said, “I commend some of our youths, about 60% who have began to see things in a different way that a lot of politicians keep giving fake promises that they cannot keep.

He further stated that Urhobo politicians and Urhobo nation should stand firmly with Chief Great Ogboru,the candidate that APC has endorsed. “when you talk about politics sometimes, you do not need to look at the party, if you want to look at sustainability, we need to look at the individual character, and our candidate now is someone who has integrity, personality because of the way he started life. he had an organization in Lagos over two decades that he ran before he traveled, he is somebody who understand administration.

I would want all Urhobos to support him, work with him to see how we can have a true and sustainable government.
If Urhobo believe in true sustainability, they will know that he is the best match in the politics of today in terms of performance, with his person, with where he is coming from, the experience he has gotten over the years, he is someone who has knowledge about administration. I strongly believe that if he is given the opportunity, because he knows that everybody is in support of him, he wouldn’t want to let them down. He would do something that would affect the lives of Deltans.

“The Urhobo people should put political party affiliations apart and vote the right person who can deliver the much-expected dividends of democracy to them”. Ubiebor said.

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