Ukodhiko To Offers Scholarship To 10 Students Students In Engineering, Law, Medicine, Other Professional Courses


By Kelvin Ohoror

In fulfilment of his campaign promises to his people, the member representing Isoko North and South Federal Constituency, Hon Jonathan Ajirioghene Ukodhiko, through UJA FAMILY FOUNDATION (UFF), will be offering scholarships to the ten (10) best Isoko origin indigent students who will score the highest mark in the 2024 Jamb examination.

The scholarship, which will cover full tuition fees and other related academic costs on campus, is specifically meant for indigent students who are intelligent, yet from poor backgrounds and would not be able to afford the exorbitant school fees, but are seeking to further their education through the pursuit of a career in any of the professional courses of engineering, medicine, law, ICT-related courses, and accounting.

Intended beneficiaries will be chosen from the pool of Isoko Indigent students who will be sitting for the 2024 JAMB EXAMINATION and would have scored the highest mark and are willing to be admitted into any of the nation’s private universities.

The choice of private universities is to enable beneficiaries of the scholarship to graduate when due and to eliminate the intermittent delays experienced by students in government-owned universities due to ASSUU terminal strikes, which usually elongate and prolong students’ study years.

Students who seek to benefit from the scholarship scheme must, first of all, be indigent(less privileged students), be exemplary, have shown unparalleled commitment to their educational pursuits, pass the 2024 Jamb examination with high scores, and have passed their O’level exams with all the needed papers in one sitting.

The objective of the scheme is to promote the manpower reserve of the Isoko people in core areas of our nation’s 21st-century employability needs and to brighten the chances of Isoko sons and daughters in areas of dominance and needs in the near future.

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